Tarot, Creating Your story with the Major Arcana

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Since my first encounter with Tarot, the infinite stories contained in
the combination of this most inspirational book with no pages has fired
my imagination.

The most important story contained in this magical oracle is the unique
journey that unfolds for every person who I’m privileged to read for.
Wherever they are on their path, whatever situations they are facing,
it is always possible for the questioner to begin to create a new
story. Every one who has a Tarot reading can begin to release the past,
re-imagine their future, envisage different opportunities that they may
not have previously considered.

I have detailed many times the moment I was gifted my first Tarot deck,
& how that moment changed my life forever. How as the images danced
before me, I began to absorb the subliminal symbols. Watched as endless
combinations of narratives appeared, each card beginning to reveal
it’s secrets and meanings.

I still get many emails asking about the meanings of Tarot. The truth
is as a good intuitive, once you have gone beyond the textbook
interpretations, it is the messages that begin to arise through your
subconscious that will develop your relationship with your cards &
hopefully spark a lifelong fascination.

Here are a list of the Greater Secrets or Major Arcana of my deck, each
link will take you to a page about the featured Tarot card. Soon I hope
to embark on my second deck, using imagery further removed from the
traditional symbols. For now, I hope you enjoy the cards & that
your inspiration is fired, I found that by creating my own deck the
cards really began to speak to me, I hope they speak to you …

The Major Arcana

0 The Fool Tarot card
1 Magician Tarot card
2 High Priestess Tarot card
3 Empress Tarot card
4 Emperor Tarot card
5 Hierophant Tarot card
6 Lovers Tarot card
7 Chariot Tarot card
8 Strength Tarot card
9 Hermit Tarot card
10 The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card
11 Justice Tarot card
12 Hanged Man Tarot card
13 Death Tarot card
14 Temperance Tarot card
15 The Devil Tarot card
16 The Tower Tarot card
17 The Star Tarot card
18 The Moon Tarot card
19 The Sun Tarot card
20 Judgement Tarot card
21 The World Tarot card

Tarot an overview

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