Best Tarot questions, what does Tarot mean ? Where does Tarot come from ?

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What do your Tarot cards mean ?

When someone asks but ” What do my Tarot cards mean ?, I’m not interested in the symbolism, just what it means to me, right now ” I fully understand their self obsession & disregard for the mystery that is the Tarot deck. There are countless explanations of each tarot card online, you can decide for yourself  whether or not you decide to choose a specific interpretation, and I am aware that many people ‘keep going’ until they find what they would like to believe their cards mean.

The Tarot is a book of hidden meanings, if you decide to scratch beneath the surface & spend some time absorbing some of the mysteries of Tarot you will undoubtedly discover not only more about yourself, but life itself.

What is the easiest way to learn Tarot ? one of the questions that regularly get directed my way. There are countless courses that promise to make you a Tarot reader almost overnight. You can get a feel of the basics very quickly, & if you do will undoubtedly fall under the spell of this magical oracle. The truth, I believe is that there is no easy way to absorb the Tarot, and this is I feel what you should strive to do. Once the Tarot starts to become part of you, the meanings of Tarot become part of every fibre of your being, then the magic can begin.
Is Tarot reading a game ?
Though the Tarot can be seen as a game, a painted deck of cards for amusement & the telling of fortunes, when you step through the frame of each card & meet each character you can learn valuable life lessons that can open your eyes to experience & opportunity. When you start to react to the frequency of the Tarot & it’s energy, your subconscious mind taps in to ancient wisdom that can really help you understand your position in the World & reveal your true purpose. Through my life in Tarot I have been introduced to many great thinkers, techniques & philosophies that continue to fascinate me daily & provide endless paths of discovery that keep me coming back for more.
The best way to learn Tarot ?
Some people rigidly learn each card from a book, refusing to move on the the next meaning until they have burnt each reference in to their subconscious. Some people spread the entire Tarot deck out & just grab randomly at each card, experiencing how the images make them feel. Neither way is the correct way of learning Tarot, as every reader I have ever known has had a different experience of working with the Tarot.

As with anything else, the more time you spend with the Tarot, the more you will get out of it. There are so many aspects that can fire your Tarot enthusiasm, the symbolism, the colours, Astrology, Numerology, Kabbalaah & so much more. If you get bitten by the Tarot bug then you will have a lifelong fascination that can never be exhausted.

Where does the Tarot originate from ?

There will always be speculation regarding the origin of the Tarot.
Various writers have suggested that it came from early China. India. and even Atlantis. One French writer, Court de Ge‘be|in, wrote that the Trumps (Major Arcana The Greatest Secrets), were made up from ‘The Book of Thoth’, an ancient Egyptian hiero-glyphic expression of the ‘Ancient Wisdom. This was denied by A.E. Waite in his pictorial key to the Tarot.
There is evidence however, that the first Tarot cards were printed, or
painted in the late fourteenth century. Occult tradition places the development of Tarot as we know it around 1200. The Tarot deck as we know it today, is made up of two separate decks. The Major Arcana consists of twenty two cards which are known as Trumps. The Minor Arcana has fifty six cards employing four suits. They are Wands, [sometimes called Batons or Staves). Cups, (Chalices). Swords, and Pentacles, (Discs, Coins, or Deniers).

There are fourteen cards in each suit numbered from one (Ace) through
to ten, and four court cards, Page, Knight, Queen, and King.

It appears that our modern day playing cards were derived from the
Tarot, with one of the court cards being removed, the Page. and with the addition of the Joker, which could be the later version of the only Major Arcana card that wasn‘t numbered. The Fool. Mysticism still surrounds the Tarot, and I have spent my life trying to move this veil of secrecy to one side, so that anyone can gain some understanding of how to reveal some of the hidden secrets of these archaic symbols.
How can a Tarot reader deduce situations, and attempt to predict the outcome of certain circumstances by the layout of the Tarot cards? Carl Jung, the noted Swiss psychologist, explained this as Synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence. He reasons this simply as, “Anything done at a particular moment of time, has the qualities of that moment of time”. Relating this to the Tarot, would mean that when the cards are shuffled, it is not chance, but meaningful coincidence that brings about the uncanny results of a truly great Tarot reading.

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