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judgement tarot meaning

Awakening & renewal

Release, Transformation, Clarity

Spirit of the Primal Fire

In the distance ice capped mountains. The sky was as if in a speeded up movie, clouds forming & reforming so quickly, throwing crazy shadows across the stony grey ground. Then from the clouds the winged Angel accompanied by the trumpet call. Eerily three stone coffins open and a young man, woman and child, ashen in colour raise up toward the Angel.

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Then the voice came “Do you hear the messenger of the Empress? We are all born to die, though man dies many times in his life before Death finally comes looking for him. Everything will return, as flowers in the spring after the cold barren winter. Do you begin to understand the mystery of life and death?“ When Judgement lands in your Tarot reading you must release any preconceptions, respond to the clarion call of the trumpet to reveal the light within your self. Judgement allows you to see clearly, awaken confident that any changes or decisions will bring about the necessary transformation needed in your life at this moment. Freedom from any past regrets allows true clarity as inspiration floods your thoughts. Truly awake you can take hold of your destiny as you progress toward the ultimate card, The World. Do not try and control the course of developments, that is beyond you now. Enjoy the challenges that you face, hear the trumpet call and begin anew, though now at a higher level of understanding than ever before. 

tarot reader

Fear & regret are lost now
In the depths of the past
the universal consciousness
awakens your potential
hear the call of the angel

your future is now


Judgement, your final call. The trumpet  heralds the internal transformation that is inevitable for us as we rediscover who we really are, what makes us tick, what triggers need to be defused. 

As I merged in to the card in my subconscious the message of the Angel flooded my thoughts. Time to awaken now, begin anew, now at a higher level of understanding than ever before. No time for insecurities, shine bright , our world needs you more than ever before.

The main message that came through for me today was ‘live quietly in the present, be thankful, evolve & accept that which is set to become the new reality. 


Wake up.


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3 card Tarot - Past, present, future

Honour the past, be sure to truly live in the present. The future is the one for me, the excitement of the unknown, stepping out of the comfort zone just a little, that’s the one that makes my heart race.

"I stepped into each card..."

Tarot rehab

I stepped back in to each of the cards I created all those years ago. I challenged what I really believed, the secrets I had already forgotten. I needed to revisit the keys. Please join me on a 2 minute Tarot adventure, each journey is loaded with symbols & meanings. These are not 'readings', they are designed to take you inside what each card means to me, unlock the meanings one card at a time.
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