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the fool tarot meaning
The Fool

And then I saw him, dazzled by the sun & moving erratically he was distracted by everything. His dog jumped repeatedly, trying to warn of the dangerous precipice only inches away. I heard the voice. ” Do not be drawn in by his madness, do not pity him, he is contented in his crazy world. Do you know what is in his knapsack? His journey has no beginning & no end “. Momentarily his vision locked with mine, a demented half smile & he was gone ….

The Fool

Meaning in a Tarot reading :

A new beginning
Naivety / trust
Taking a risk
Foolish behaviour

Appearance :

My Fool is dressed in Jester’s garb with a crown of laurel leaves & a red feather. He carries his possessions in a bundle over his shoulder & carries a staff. He is oblivious to the fact that he appears to be about to walk over a cliff. His dog is jumping up as if to warn him.

Interpretation :

As with many of my cards I am the model for The Fool. Along with a lot of people have indeed spent periods of my life wandering aimlessly with no real thought to my eventual destination. On this card The Fool seems un-aware that he is about to fall into the abyss. The colours in the card represent the myriad stimuli that distract The Fool at every turn. The Fool is spiritually aware but follows aspects of all systems rather than organised religion.
His napsack ( in my case a NIKE shoe-bag ) is filled with gadgets and various accumulated things deemed ‘important’, unfinished books & papers. The truth is he is slightly mad! Borderline dyspraxic & everywhere ob the spectrum he is unable to quite exist in the real world. His view of life is very different from other peoples & he finds it impossible to focus on one thing at a time. Everything seems equally important. He is a dreamer & a visionary, an inspired lunatic.


Tree of Life Path : 1

Trump : 0-Fool

Hebrew Letter : aleph,

Element Planet Zodiac : Air

Deities : Zeus, Jupiter

Animal : Man, Eagle

Plant : Aspen

My Relationship with The Fool

I totally relate to The Fool. A few years ago I was tested & found
to be on the “spectrum”. While I am in no way debilitated by
this it suddenly brought my life in to focus. I am indeed like The Fool
and often exist in my own little world. I find it difficult to relate
in many common social situations. I am often not sure when or if to
speak & can go too far or talk incessantly. I have perfected
‘listening’ to people, but have in fact formulated my answer before
they have even finished the question. Boredom is a problem & my
mind flits & is just as un-focused as The Fool, I would indeed fall
over the cliff …

Thank God for Apple computers, one symptom is a constant quest for
information. With my trusty Powerbook in my backpack I can quickly find out how to do anything! I in fact am learning to enjoy being on a
different frequency & it has certainly helped me focus on the
journey of Tarot.

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  1. Hi Paul,

    Thank you for the amazing description on the Fool. I don’t use Tarot in my readings with clients, because I believe that my divine team did not want me to be distracted (LOL), however, I do use them for readings on myself. My Spirit Guide often laughs at this, since I already know the answer. Like you, it helps my boredom. Also, like you, I am the Fool and drew this card as an Outcome today and am finally surrendering to my uniqueness in this world and it has brought me inner piece. Thank you for sharing your story, since it enabled me to embrace my Fool’s journey and let go of unnecessary fear, worry, and doubt and bring out my inner child who loves to play.
    Love and Light,
    Earth Angel Angie

    1. Hi Angie, glad you found some inspiration and that your ‘inner Fool’ might be ready to come out to play ! In response I have never really focused on spirit guides, though REALLY recently have found that a guardian Angel presence is definitely forming around me, especially as I try & drift off to s;eep. I can FEEL them arriving and they are no doubt helping with the incredibly cinematic dreams I have been having lately !

      All the best

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