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The seven day power spread.

When a client comes to me for a reading looking for fast answers I regularly use this spread to quickly energise the questioner & reveal how they can turn their situation around, reveal new possibilities & move closer to their goals.

Many people think that my cards have some innate ‘magical’ ability, the truth is they are simply painted cards. The power comes from the 30 years I have spent interpreting their meanings, creating my deck & discovering how to create rapport & use my intuition to give empowering, inspiring readings. When people are only able to see trouble & problems, it is, I believe, my job to help them discover solutions. It is imperative to focus on where we are heading instead of the negatives that are limiting us.

It has been proved to me again & again that our thoughts become things, whatever is our primary focus is what our subconscious will try & deliver to us.

When we begin to notice our internal voice, our subconscious programmes we can be pro-active in changing any obsolete beliefs & recreate our reality. This isn’t an ‘instant fix’, we need to commit to make the necessary changes. If we can do something differently over a period of time we can form a new, positive, habit. That is where the Seven day power spread can revolutionise our life.

Below is how I use this spread & an actual example of how it relates to a real reading ….

Position 1 : Acceptance. Assess where you are & then commit to accept that any negativity or doubt will not be tolerated for the next  7 days !.

Position 2 : Honesty. Be scrupulously honest with yourself, when you find the darkness, negativity or gossip seeping back ask yourself, “is this how I really want to live / think ?”

Position 3 : Start well, finish better. At the start of each day reconfirm that you have committed to changing your world. Just before sleep mentally congratulate yourself on everything you have achieved.

Position 4 : Forgive. Forgive all those who have harmed you, including yourself. Really release the past & decide to move forward as the new person you are becoming.

Position 5 : Recognise. Step back & really identify the blocks / beliefs that you know are restricting you.

Position 6 : Go further. When previously your old behaviours or lack of confidence caused you to react in a less than perfect way, mentally step up a gear & really believe in yourself. Imagine how liberating this can become.

Position 7 : Commit. When you begin to see the changes that simply thinking more positively begin to manifest in your life, commit to searching for more positive alternatives in all aspects of your life. You will be amazed.

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