The Power of Focus Re-imagine Your Future

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The Power of Focus.
When I am giving readings the overwhelming impression I get from people is that they want their life to change. Amazingly 9 times out of 10 these same people have no structured plan of how they are going to achieve this change in their life. The bottom line is your subconscious is an incredibly powerful force that is constantly trying to guide you towards where it thinks you need to be. As I say all the time, thoughts become things, put another way whatever you focus on is what you will attract in to your life, it’s as simple as that. So for example simply saying ” I don’t like my job” or  ” My boyfriend doesn’t give me any attention ” is never going to work. You need to re-programme the messages that you send to your subconscious to start attracting the things that you truly desire. Therefore instead of “I don’t like my job”, I try to get people to say something like “I want to spend my days striving to achieve something of value, that satisfies me and inspires me from the bottom of my heart”. When you start programming your internal voice to make positive statements it is impossible for you to continue along the path that is not bringing you satisfaction. It is like programming faulty software. Once you get in the habit of only recognising things and situations that will be of benefit, that will ultimately lead you towards your goals, rapid changes will begin to occur that will fast forward your development. Sometimes people simply cannot see that they are stuck, or that the way they see the world is exactly the reason they are destined to make the same mistakes over and over. When you are looking for a psychic reading online, a reading with myself or one of my team of top UK clairvoyants can often reveal the path you should follow, to finally put you on track to achieve anything that you truly desire. A psychic reading can reveal blocks in your consciousness that are preventing you from living the life that you really know is your destiny. Sometimes it is events from your past or recurrent relationship issues that need to be discussed before you are finally free to move your life on.

Don’t Delay Start Today !

The other big problem I find is procrastination. I will say to someone “You need to change such & such in order for this to improve” . Often the response is “Oh yes I know that but I’m not quite sure exactly what I’m going to do yet” or “I was going to launch my new plan but it’s not quite perfect yet”. I know exactly how this feels, I was stuck in this mindset for many years until I realised that even if things aren’t quite perfect, the time to start is ALWAYS now. My website is a prime example, I really enjoy working on my site & it brings a lot of pleasure to many people on a daily basis especially the free tarot reading. However, at the beginning, I was reluctant to put anything online until I knew exactly where it was going to lead. Thank Goodness I got over this attitude as there would still be a ‘site under construction’ sign. My site has changed beyond recognition from my initial plans and continues to do so as I learn more about myself and the message I want to get across.

One of my favourite ways to create a new future is by connecting directly to my subconscious through Hypnosis. Lots of people are scared by Hypnosis & think that some dark force is at work or that they will find themselves acting like a chicken whenever someone says the trigger word. This is due to the stage hypnotists who used the technique for entertainment purposes. I myself have a great practitioner who will take my vision & create a CD for me that literally allows me, whilst extremely relaxed under Hypnosis, to see myself moving my life in to the future, acheiving the goals I have set for myself. I find it extremely useful & have found that even in circumstances that I previously found challenging I now approach with incredible confidence that comes from deep within. One of my favourite creative visualisations is to see my self as playing the part of whatever ‘persona’ I need to adopt, almost as an actor. This alone has got me through many problematic meetings. If you feel you would benefit from Hypnosis download an audio file & give it a go. With titles ranging from ‘How to Overcome Insomnia’ to ‘Increased Motivation’, ‘Improved confidence’ to ‘Controlling anxiety’ you will find a track that can help you on your journey. Sometimes these issues can be fixed almost in one session of Hypnosis and in some people have a much faster, deeper response than through regular forms of therapy.

That’s it from me today

Keep looking to the future

Paul O’Mara

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