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The Devil

devil tarot meaning

Confront your shadows

Fantasy, Greed, Darkness

Lord of the Gates of Matter

Lucifer rises from the flames in chains, male & female symbols surround him. through the smoke a pentagram is visible.

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The Devil keeps you in chains. However the chains are all in your mind. The flames of the Devil card can be extinguished by facing up to yourself. The card warns care needs to be taken around material matters. Be extremely careful with any matters involving material aspects. An incident will fire your temper, any perceived victory ill- gained, will be short-lived & eventually backfire. Be careful to keep extravagance in check in all areas of your life. A discussion about dis-satisfaction in a relationship is indicated but can be avoided by ruthless honesty. Do not allow your thirst for the material things in life to take hold at this time, they are truly not important. You may be the victim of gossip. The person behind this is not evil but you need to stand up for yourself. Do not give in to laziness or be seduced by the attraction of activities that drain your resources & waste your time. The Devil would like to force you in to a limited view of life, he would like you to ignore your intuition & only respond to external forces or opinions. Do not let this happen. Beware of appearing aloof & exhibiting selfish behaviour. You have felt chained to your past, a situation, person, or habit. You have been afraid of yourself. The Devil is you, finally release yourself from his power.

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He is evil incarnate, though only if you allow him the power.

Look with purity & truth, see only love beyond time & he will dissolve.

Eternal love can be yours.


Often when the Devil appears for a questioner & they shift uncomfortably I will say something along the lines of: ‘Absolutely no need to fear the Devil, he has been with you your whole life, he sits inside waiting for his moments, just be ready to blind him with your light, keep an eye on him though, he’s a shady one for sure’.

The Devil is ruled by Capricorn, the workhorse of the zodiac.

The Devil is waiting to rob you of the extraordinary opportunity we currently have to expand ourselves, mentally & physically. 

The Devil is you, any behaviour that prevents you from growing is his influence. When we face him we make better choices, be your own saviour.


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