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The Hierophant

hierophant tarot meaning

Heaven & earth

Study, Integrity, Ceremony

Magus of Eternal Gods

The Hierophant, like the High Priestess, is seated between two pillars. The Hierophant is depicted as either a man or a woman but always represents the spiritual side of masculinity. The pillars represent masculine & feminine, day & night, balance between opposing forces or elements. The Hierophant is pure of spirit. The triple tiered crown symbolises three states of existence, body, mind & spirit or physical, emotional & mental responses, the sceptre, likewise, is crossed three times. The temple he represents is of organised religion whereas the High Priestess symbolises the esoteric. The crossed keys show the Hierophant has control over the material & physical world. The right hand points to the heavens & shows that what is to be found in heaven is also reflected on earth if you are receptive to it. As above, so below.

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The Hierophant is your inner teacher & has the duty of revealing your ultimate spiritual path. Every one is on a spiritual quest & will eventually find the vibration that enables them to spread the most Light. We are not all destined to be incredible spritual teachers but when the Hierophant speaks to us we should accept that at this moment, we are exactly where we need to be. We should stop thirsting for more & just enjoy and give thanks for the quality of the moment. The Hierophant in a divinatory reading shows a thirst for spiritual knowledge. The physical foundation of the spiritual quest, not related to any specific doctrine. The Hierophant is not religion but a physical representation of it.

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The only path to truth is within yourself.  
The only mystery is why you seek to
prevent yourself from achieving
your true potential.

The triple crown & triple sceptre lead you through the physical, emotional & mental worlds towards the power of redemption. When this card appears you are seeking a release from the mundane struggle for material success. You may even seek the advice of a teacher, spiritual advisor or even psychologist to help you understand or explore your future purpose. The Hierophant has the power to transform your potential in to spiritual energy. He relies on ceremony to connect you to your higher consciousness. He can represent marriage, artistic endeavours & a voracious thirst for knowledge through organised teaching. The Hierophant, You are a bringer of Light. Accept that perhaps you are exactly where you need to be to make a difference. 

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