Why Are Millennials Switched On By The Power Of Tarot?

Divine your path by the light of the Sun & Moon Tarot.

New Tribes Looking For Ancient Answers Why is Tarot suddenly so popular with Milennials & Gen Z? Everyone around you seems to either swear by their trusted Tarot reader or is trying to learn Tarot themselves. The captivating images of the cards flood your Instagram feed and readings for the collective suddenly appear on your… Continue reading Why Are Millennials Switched On By The Power Of Tarot?

You are the Magic

The Magician

Tarot today The Magician: There is no magic wand. There is no ‘quick fix’ YOU are the magic. Positive thoughts & positive emotions may align the Universe to deliver your destiny, only you can unleash your magic to pull that fantasy in to your reality. No amount of creative visualisation will bring you that Porsche.… Continue reading You are the Magic

Book With No Pages

Where to look for online psychic readings.

Tarot, the book with no pages. An Almanac of inner truths, symbolic Arcana. 78 magical pasteboards of truth, perfect to while away the hours, though not for fun or triviality. I have read countless books on the Tarot searching for the essential element that will finally decode & reveal it’s hidden mysteries, once & for… Continue reading Book With No Pages

As Mad as a Hatter

“A dream is not reality, but who's to say which is which?” ― Alice Through the Looking Glass

The hottest day ever in the metropolis is underway, I LOVE the heat, though find in the inner city it can leave you feeling as ‘mad as a hatter’. Conveniently the Mad Hatter is one of my favourite characters & also a sub personality that exists somewhere inside when I am finding life just a… Continue reading As Mad as a Hatter

Dreamers & Storytellers

To all the dreamers & storytellers. Tarot for me is a dance of two souls, I’m preparing to log on to a few spiritual Wi-Fis, put in my few pennies worth as to what path the gorgeous souls that present could possibly take to revitalise their perspective. I have been re-dreaming my journey through the… Continue reading Dreamers & Storytellers

Tarot – Mirror to the subconscious

Tarot – Mirror to the subconscious – powerful technology of untold possibilities. Occasionally, sleep eludes me. My favourite technique, developed over a lifetime, is to send my dream self on a Tarot journey. Removing my conscious mind from the responsibility of ‘getting enough sleep’, releasing my body from the terrors of 3am & all the… Continue reading Tarot – Mirror to the subconscious

Purity of focus – Blessings materialise

Tarot today Ace of Swords & the Sun. When the aces appear the purest form of energy relating to the element of the suit is present, the Ace of Swords shows purity of thought is what is required. The Crown is a symbol of advancement & success, the branches represent peaceful victory. The sword will… Continue reading Purity of focus – Blessings materialise

Temper, temper

the Devil & the Angel of Temperance

Tarot today our old friend the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub. I’ll admit, on my endless journey through the greater secrets, The Major Arcana, the Devil is my Achilles heel. As an Aries Horse, obsessive creative Celtic – to use just some of my enabling excuses, I have to be careful to keep my temper under… Continue reading Temper, temper

Tall dark stranger…

Tall dark strangers, journeys over water

Very occasionally I am asked to delve deep in to my history & give the type of readings my mother was fond of giving, and receiving. Our favourite reader was the famous west country mystic Madame Tamar who started me on my Tarot obsession many decades ago. Madame Tamar mostly used normal playing cards, she… Continue reading Tall dark stranger…