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The Chariot

chariot tarot meaning

Take the reins

Triumph, Impatience, Discipline

Lord of the Triumph of Light

My Warrior commands his war Chariot drawn by two sphinxes, one white & one black. Notice the reins he holds are not controlling the course of his journey. Can he take control over his destiny ?. He is on a quest to control all aspects of his personality. The winged symbol on the Chariot represents the male & female aspects of his persona. The celestial symbols on his shield show his preoccupation with spiritual advancement, rather than the physical world that he leaves in his path.

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The Chariot represents your life choices. Will you choose wisely & follow the right course? The Chariot is drawn by two sphinxes, one black and one white, indicating a choice needs to be made. Material matters now stabilise. You should focus on how you feel. you need to raise your spirits. A recent disagreement will be resolved. if you have been feeling anxious the Chariot breezes through to clear your thoughts. Contact may be re-established with an old acquaintance possibly after an unexpected communication. Balance returns to your life, you must learn to mix commitments with socialising, now is a time of personal development. An unexpected journey or a surprise party will be announced. You will excel at your current endeavours, you must prepare for a period of sustained focus.

The Chariot is static, the journey & progress are internal, your thoughts are transporting you to a future version of yourself. The reigns are invisible though they are firmly under your control. 

This is the 7th portal. The Road ahead comes in to focus, your future self is there ready to show you the way. 

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Face the Charioteer, he is potential set alive by determination.

He risks nothing & is oblivious to earthly illusions.

He thinks he is the victor though in fact is yet to conquer time.

The sphinx watch always, let down your guard at your peril.

Are you ready for the test?


Restlessness is a problem, accept this & identify how to escape it. Be careful to avoid gossip & empty conversation. Avoid spending time with people who drain your energy. Be strong & don’t seek to escape your responsibilities through escapism, build your self respect & learn to love yourself as you really are. Do not allow negative thoughts to weigh you down. Be disciplined with yourself and nourish your inner being. Your senses are highly developed at this time & all aspects of your personality are balanced, make the most of this. Move outside of the ordinary, a visit to the theatre is well indicated, you should accept any unusual propositions. Be extremely sensitive to the feelings of others, watch your words carefully. Think before you speak, get the facts. Now is a good time to break those annoying habits & patterns of behaviour, your subconscious will motivate you. Pay scrupulous attention to details, especially in any form of contract. Use your past experience to move you forward, forgotten memories will resurface, possibly through dreams. Use your intuition to solve problems, don’t give in to your emotions & be careful to use your intellect to your advantage. You are your own master now & will make the right choice.


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