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The Hermit

hermit tarot meaning

Lighting the way

Solitude, Rest, Lessons

Magus of the Voice of Light

An old mysterious loner, swathed in dark robes, fixes your gaze through a snowstorm. He finds his way with only a lighted lantern.

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Instinctively you sense his wisdom, he sees through all distractions, to reveal the truth. The Hermit is your inner knowledge constantly craving the answer to all of life’s dilemmas. The Hermit comes to you on sleepless nights as you try and make sense of your life & problems. The Hermit card predicts that you will have meetings with another who impresses you with their insight, they will inspire you on several levels. You will absorb great knowledge from someone who will look out for you. You will enter a period of incredible curiosity. You will be surprised that your outlook begins to mature rapidly. You must be careful not to live in the past, relish your memories but strive for new experience and make a point of seeking out new friends, new situations. The Hermit moves slowly towards a long held goal. You will realise your ultimate purpose. Through perseverance and by being ruthlessly critical with yourself, and others your intuition, as the lantern, will light your way.

tarot reader

The lantern transcends time to

illuminate your path, the cloak

contains all mysteries. The staff

of power completes the Trinity of

initiation. Follow his light past

temptation and illusion, 

there, you will find yourself.


The Archetype of the Hermit is the Wise Old Man right now he plants a seed of wisdom that reveals your inner truth. You will not recognise this now, it will grow in your heart, later you will remember this moment with a flash of inspiration & clarity.

Your consciousness is expanding, you begin to form a feeling for your true direction in life. Be careful to organise your time to your best advantage listen carefully to the advice of others, be pure in your intention. Listen to your inner wisdom whilst avoiding introspection and the lantern will reveal your path.


All mysteries are uncovered with the light of the lantern, Release your worry in to the welcoming glow, You will become the brightest of lights

Remember you are never lost the Hermit is your internal guardian that will always light your path. He can always bring comfort, put you at peace, unravel your dreams.


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