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death tarot meaning

Rebirth & growth

Transformation, Beginning, Renewal

Child of the Great Transfomers

The Skeleton, the most durable aspect of our physical existence dominates this card. Death waves a flag, the white rose on a black ground. The lily here symbolises childish curiosity about death, the crown, actual physical death that affects even Royalty. The sun is rising, life goes on, the soul ascends.

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Do not fear me – change is inevitable. 

Night follows day, winter follows summer, the darkest hour is just before the dawn.

We all face continuous transition, change, renewal. Your inner power ignites, arise like the phoenix from the shadows of your past.

Status, ritual, wealth or age hold no interest to me. Look upon me with eyes of wonder, the eyes of a child, only they do not fear me, they can see I am simply change & reinvention.


The Skeleton that strikes fear in any reading. This card does not signify physical Death. I have known it to symbolize that a person who has crossed over is trying to make contact across the divide. You have been trapped by fear & faced situations that could have been avoided. The meaning of the Death card is rebirth, one phase of your existence is closing to enable you to experience new challenges. You have hope now where there used to be confusion. Man dies many times in his life before he actually leaves this existence. This is one of those times for you enabling you to leave the past behind & step in to your future with renewed energy. Great changes await you. People & your enviroment conspire to smooth your transition to this new phase. Listen for news of a birth & a reconciliation of a relationship that has been floundering. You will be asked for advice but should remain neutral. You are experiencing a total transformation. Now is the time to start over; change everything. If something is not working let it go & move on. Discard outmoded patterns of thought & old ideas. Don’t waste time on excessive emotions. Keep Moving, be flexible, be accessible. Your new life is coming online. Our mind and spirit die again & again, constantly releasing outmoded beliefs and embracing the new. 

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The Sun will rise again, I am Death, the Fool knows not of me.

Your life is fear & dreams, will you truly live this life before I come looking for you? 


My river is the flow of every life, changing direction as every chapter is revealed. The dawn between the pillars of Life & Death show every ending heralds a new beginning.

Your new life is coming online. Our beliefs die, now is the time for reinvention. Continuously, expanding our horizons. Revealing endless new opportunities. .

My card has had a bad rap, the gypsy fortune tellers painted a very dark picture of me. My sign is Scorpio, magnetic, mysterious. Secrets will be revealed. Pluto pulls emotion from the depths allowing you to release yourself, to emerge in a new dimension.

Your authentic self finally  emerges from the cocoon. Spread your wings 


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