Powerful Planetary Correspondences in Tarot and Astrology

Tarot and the Planets
Planetary Correspondences in Tarot

Planet Correspondences In Astrology And Tarot

I have many friends who live their lives by the position of the planets. Who am I to argue? They were worshipped as gods by our forefathers, and contemporary astrology has turned them into archetypes. My fascination is the cards of the Major Arcana in Tarot that have planetary connections.

The gods-as-planets are linked to personality traits, psychic energies, and drives that we all have in some way. Despite the fact that the Sun and Moon are not physically planets, they are included in this group and given special significance as ‘luminaries.’

Modern astrology now includes the relatively newly discovered planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, which were previously exclusively recognised by ancient, mediaeval, and traditional astrology. 

Correspondences of the Sun – Planetary Tarot

The rational self is symbolised by the Sun. The energy of Sol is yang. It’s the personality’s attempt to express its own characteristics. This isn’t inherently a terrible thing, even if it’s sometimes derisively referred to as ‘ego,’ as if it’s something we must overcome at all costs. The problem is that we can’t even begin to transcend ourselves until we’ve fully expressed our uniqueness.

The Sun Tarot card symbolises luminous joy. Blessings materialise. Your inner child now comes out to play. Enjoy yourself & revel in your individuality, break free from conformity. 

Tarot Sun affirmation

“Understand the power of the rays combine with all in nature to create your reality. You are a divine being, let your light illuminate your world”

Correspondences of the Moon – Planetary Tarot

The emotional self is symbolised by the Moon. The Moon is yin energy, and the High Priestess, who is receptive to even the most subtle energies, is a full representation of this energy. She has the ability to transmit what she perceives. Yang, like Yin, contains Yang’s seed.

We see a visual depiction of this energy in The Chariot, which appears to be going at full speed, if Luna is passive and receptive how is this correct? First and foremost, those are sphinxes, not living creatures. Rather than dashing forward, the symbology emphasizes discipline, balance, and control. 

Second, Cancer is a cardinal sign, meaning it prefers to take the lead. It hesitates to protect its vulnerable emotional core.

Correspondences of Mercury in the Tarot of the Planets

Mercury, the planet of communication, is located in the zodiac sign of Gemini. It represents not only the ability to communicate, but also the ability to do so in a rational and well-considered manner.

Mercury is associated with The Magician, a Tarot card that represents business and understanding. Diplomacy is linked to the Magician. The Magician may be anything from a good showman to a conman, because to his skill with words and wit.

The Mercury finger is referred to in palmistry as the pinkie. Your communication abilities are inadequate if your Mercury finger is short. If you have a lengthy Mercury finger, you are overly talkative and social media obsessed.

Mercury is symbolized by winged objects and the infinity symbol in symbolism. Infinity symbols are visible over the heads of The Magician and Strength on Tarot cards.

Correspondences of Venus in the Tarot

Venus/Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, is perhaps the most well-known of Greek and Roman Goddesses. She signifies romance and relationships to almost everyone in the Western world.

The Venus correspondences are uniform across the board, which is fortunate for us diviners. Venus symbolizes love, fertility, harmony, desire, and connections in all forms of divination. Venus can also represent sexuality in some contexts.

The fleshy portion on the palm below the thumb is known as the Mount of Venus in palmistry. The Mount of Venus symbolizes your ability to convey feelings and give affection to others. A huge mount will be discovered on someone who has a strong sex desire, while a flat mount will be seen on someone who is sexually uninterested.

There is also a ‘minor’ line known as the Girdle of Venus that runs down the upper third of the palm in palmistry. This line is discovered on someone who is hypersexual and promiscuous, and it is not normally a desired trait to have on your hands.

Venus is The Empress in Tarot. In Tarot, Venus takes on the persona of The Empress, who is more concerned with peace and fertility. Pregnancy and children are frequently predicted by the Empress. She’s also a nature and balance card.

Correspondences of the Planetary Tarot with Mars

Mars is the planet that the most people are familiar with, second only to Venus. Mars is the planet of male aggression, conflict, drive, rage, and resolve. Despite the fact that Mars has many beneficial characteristics, its correspondences are frequently interpreted negatively.

Mars is associated with the Tower card in Tarot, which represents ruin, devastation, and all things negative. The Sword suit, which represents strife, conflict, and emotional agony, contains a lot of Mars/Aries iconography.

Swords, Shields, Spears, and Helmets are all associated with Mars in symbology. Dreaming of one of these items can foreshadow future conflict and disagreements among family members. The holy boar of Mars/Aries has the same significance.

The middle portion of the hand is associated with Mars in palmistry, and it represents your aggressive nature. The ‘Plain of Mars’ is located in the center of the palm, the ‘Inner Mount of Mars’ is located between the thumb and forefinger, and the ‘Outside Mount of Mars’ is located in the middle of the outer portion of the hand.

The Inner Mount of Mars is where you can test your physical bravery. You are fast to use your fits to solve difficulties if you have a meaty Inner Mount of Mars. Physical hostility was avoided since you have a weak Inner Mount of Mars.

Your moral bravery is symbolized by an Outer Mount of Mars. A prominent Outer Mount of Mars indicates that you are a social justice warrior; but, if it is flat, it indicates that you do not advocate for those who are less fortunate, even though you know you should.

Jupiter – Tarot Correspondences with the Planets

Jupiter has always been associated with good fortune. A well-placed Jupiter planet can be discovered in the horoscope of someone who is inherently lucky and has been bestowed with good fortune from the Gods. That’s not to say they won’t have to work for it; it just means the cosmos will help them along the way.

Jupiter is associated with The Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot. The Wheel of Fortune, like Jupiter, foretells good fortune as well as what is predestined, fated, and made easy by divine intervention.

Jupiter is a planet of power, authority, and leadership, having been named after the God King. The Jupiter Finger is the name given to the index finger in Palmistry. The Mount of Jupiter refers to the fleshy region of your palm directly beneath your index finger. Both of these parts of your hand represent your self-assurance and desire for power. Someone who wants to be in command will have a dominant Mount of Jupiter and a dominant Finger.

Because the lightning bolt, oak tree, eagle, and bull are all Jupiter/Zeus symbols in symbolic divination (tea leaves, dreams, crystal ball reading), they all have a similar connotation to Jupiter. The lightning bolt is a very potent emblem, representing not only authority but also the approval of the Gods.

Planetary Tarot Correspondences – Saturn

Cronus was the King of the Gods in Greek mythology at one point. He learnt of a prophecy that one of his descendants would overthrow him one day, so when his wife, Rhea, gave birth, he swallowed his children. Rhea, on the other hand, hid Zeus from Cronus when he was born in order to preserve his life. The prophecy was fulfilled when he reached adulthood, and Zeus imprisoned his father in the underworld.

Saturn represents authority, as well as a sense of responsibility and obligation. Saturn, like the mythical saga, depicts the things you have to do but don’t want to: Cronus had to devour his children, Rhea had to betray her spouse, and Zeus had to imprison his father.

The ‘Saturn Return,’ according to astrology, is a moment when you wonder if you’re truly happy. Saturn will force you to consider whether you are actually happy and where you want to be in life. Saturn emphasizes areas where you feel unsatisfied or where you feel obligated to accomplish something you don’t want to do. The Saturn Return is when you know you’ve reached adulthood.

The World corresponds to Saturn in Tarot. This is most likely due to the fact that The World, like the Saturn Return, signifies a significant shift. When you start a new chapter of your life and leave the previous one behind, you are in the world.

Planetary Tarot Correspondences with Uranus

Uranus is a Titan who predates the Olympian Gods and is a sky God. Uranus is the sky’s personification. The worship of Uranus/Caelus was not as widespread as that of other Gods and Goddesses, such as Zeus or Aphrodite. As a result, Uranus’ symbolism is less elaborate than that of the so-called “inner” planets Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter.

Uranus was discovered in 1781, long after traditional fortune-telling systems like Astrology and Palmistry had been established. As a result, Uranus has no Palmistry correspondences.

Uranus, on the other hand, is connected with creativity, new technology, change, and individuality because it was the first of the ‘outer’ planets to be found. Uranus is the planet that marks the start of the industrial revolution and the technological age.

The Fool represents Uranus in Tarot. The Fool of a very ‘airy-fairy’ up in the atmosphere card is frequently drawn for persons who are difficult to nail down. The Fool tells seekers to take the risk and make significant changes in their lives without hesitation.

Planetary Tarot Correspondences – Neptune

Neptune is the planet of intuition, dreams, and spirituality. Someone with strong psychic abilities and the power of prophecy will have a well-placed Neptune. However, Neptune can also represent a need for clarity; a poorly positioned Neptune can indicate that you will struggle to make decisions and will never feel as if you have all of the facts.

Neptune corresponds to The Hanged Man in Tarot. The Hanged Man, like Neptune, might indicate a spiritual awakening, but it usually represents a moment when you’re unsure of your path. Neptune is frequently associated with befuddlement.

Although Neptune was just discovered in 1846, palmistry has a ‘Neptune’ aspect. The lines that run around the wrist are known as The Bracelets of Neptune in palmistry (sometimes known as The Bracelets of Fortune). They indicate your level of clarity as well as your level of luck.

Planetary Tarot Correspondences – Pluto

Pluto, like the other outer planets, was discovered only a few years ago, in 1930. This was a considerable time after traditional fortune-telling systems like Astrology and Palmistry had been established. As a result, Pluto has no Palmistry correspondences.

Pluto is the planet of transition, rebirth, and rejuvenation. It’s no surprise, given that Pluto/Hades is the God of Death and the Underworld. Death is frequently associated with significant transformation and fresh beginnings.

Pluto is the ruler of the Judgement card in Tarot. This is an excellent match since Judgement and Pluto have similar meanings: it’s the card of transformation and life-changing opportunities that aren’t for the faint of heart.

Pluto has a lot of symbols associated with it since it represents death. Renewal and transformation are symbolized by these emblems, which include multi-headed creatures. The pomegranate, on the other hand, is the most commonly utilized symbol, and one that you will see in dreams and crystal balls.

Tarot and astrology are two extremely powerful oracles, and using them together can give you a lot of insight into your readings. Some of the astral traits, on the other hand, may not simply match up with your own personality.

As well as the Planets many Tarot cards of course correspond to the zodiac. Be sure to check yours in this earlier post Which Powerful Tarot Card Represents Your Zodiac Sign?

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