Tarot – The Moon – Journey in to the unknown

moon tarot
Changing light, change of season
Tarot the Moon - Flux & Re-flux
Tarot The Moon meanings & meditations

A wet grey barren expanse stretched before me, the moon symbolised by the green eyed wolf reflected in the wet surface. The half light of the Moon played tricks with my eyes as shadows danced  filling me with trepidation. Feeling anxious I became aware of two dogs, or was it a wolf & a dog ? howling at the Moon. In the distance sat atop a rugged hill I saw two towers, an eerie glow emanating from the windows. The mysterious lunar dream world was confusing, I no longer knew what was real and what was imagined. Many ghosts from my past brushed against me as my mind went in to overdrive, and then the voice returned : “ The darkest hour is always just before the dawn. Why do you still fear ghosts and nocturnal apparitions ? These are just transitory illusions, turn an face what is real and that which is imagined. Then fear & anxiety will be driven back to the place from which it had no right to come“

It is true that the darkest hours are before the dawn, it is then that the howling wolves & prowling dogs of my Tarot card take over my mind. The Moon card always throws up feelings of insecurity, where the past returns to haunt you, you are unsure of where the future lies. The Moon card connects to your subconscious & brings through things that you need to deal with before you can progress to the next phase of development. Slightly half asleep surreal dreams surround the Moon card, if this occurs to you, write them down immediately on waking as there is almost always some intuitive advice to be gleaned.

The Moon card tells you to leave any unwanted habits or worries behind, do not look back. My best telephone psychics always stress that the shadows thrown up by the Moon are not real, you face a journey in to the unknown, some of it may be illusion. Base your decisions now on truths rather than imagined ghosts or shadowy dreams. The Moon represents your subconscious, you have courage now and can shrug off all challenges as you wake refreshed, ready to create a new reality and excel at any new venture.

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