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I am in India at the moment & believe me I have experienced delays. A few years ago this would have sent me in to a tail spin, now I look at delay as an opportunity to do something else. There is no point in getting wound up as it really will not solve anything.

Don’t delay enjoy today.

Most people I meet are putting off a happy existence until the magical day that everything in their lives is perfect. Big surprise, this never happens. For example I have met people who won the lottery. After the initial rush of happiness, the shocker is that underneath they are the same person. Until they can truly say that they are happy from the inside out , I’m afraid that no amount of wealth will be able to make their life ‘perfect ‘. Believe me, sufficient money will certainly make life easier, it won’t however automatically make life effortless.

What is your goal ? What will you do until you achieve it ?

While it is important to have an ultimate goal, it is also imperative that you enjoy each moment as you strive towards your ‘perfect life’. Make a conscious effort to enjoy every moment and I guarantee that you will automatically attract more joy in to your life. If you can move your focus to the ‘ glass half full ‘ mentality then you will quickly begin to see incremental changes that will lead you towards your dreams. Always remember though that you must have carefully formulated a long term plan for your subconscious to be able to guide you towards a successful outcome. It is important to just decide to draw a line in the sand & start now to enjoy life and to live in the moment. Remember if you feel genuinely stuck in your current circumstance, a consultation with one of my selected Best UK Psychics & Clairvoyants can give you the perspective you need to see your life from a different angle &  show you the path to move you forward. My new telephone tarot readings are proving popular with people who have had a flash of intuition & want to confirm their feelings with a recommended psychic.

The answers are within, Connect to Your energy …

As I have said, I am at present traveling in Sri Lanka and India. Many years ago I came here armed with a ‘quick fix’ book called something like ‘heal your life today.’ I naively thought that as I turned the last page, my life would be magically transformed to a dreamlike existence. In fact I realise now this time was a catalyst in formulating my plan for where I wanted my life to lead. My study of Tarot and the Psychic arts will always continue, I spend a lot of time searching for clairvoyant meaning. However, many other areas of interest have opened for me. I am excited today as I am returning to a temple in Sri Lanka where I met some incredible enlightened people who introduced me to the concepts of Buddhism. At the heart of most belief systems there are simple concepts, that if you are receptive, can liberate you from confusion. The concept of ‘ going inside ‘ & stilling the mind to listen to the inner voice fascinates me & I can’t wait to receive some more words of wisdom. I have also been studying  the seven chakras in India & though I have barely scratched the surface, I now intend to explore this concept more fully. I have encountered the chakras and their power in controlling our energy  while I was visualising and designing my Nine of Cups card which can be seen on a previous blog post here, The Nine of Cups – The Lord of Material Happiness.
If talk of Chakras & energy has inspired you, visit my chakra energy test page, find out which of your seven chakras could do with a little attention.

Well I am off for my appointment at the temple, Until next time.

Paul O’Mara

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