Tarot, the World, the Universe is yours. What have you been sent here to accomplish ?

world in your hands
the world is yours
Tarot meanings major Arcana World
Tarot The World Meanings and Meditations

The clouds parted, an enchanting young woman held my gaze, in her hair a wreath of laurel roses and lilies. A vision of earth appeared encircled by a brilliant glow, a thunderous noise and then in the four corners of my vision the four evangelists materialised, an angel, an eagle, a lion and an ox. It seemed to me that I could, in this moment, comprehend the furthest four corners of the Universe.

The vision faded and the voice came, “ Behold your understanding of your World frozen in a moment of time, you must seek to understand the world beyond your comfort zone. When the Temple has been revealed, you will finally comprehend the wonder of the Universe. Man only experiences external influence and transitory illusions. Infinite knowledge can only be revealed when you truly acknowledge the truth that is inside you”.

When the World appears in your Tarot reading, a cycle is complete. All aspects of your life are conspiring to work in your favour. You have regained control, the greatest secret drives you forward to success and triumph. You are aware more than ever that everything and everyone are connected, that every thought creates your personal reality. Strive for positivity now, you must extend your horizons and accept that new and powerful experiences cannot help but be drawn in to your daily life.

In thee changing times focus is shifting. One of the top psychic texts we receive during recent times has been ‘why am I here’ or ‘what is my purpose’.

The truth is, now the boundaries have changed, you can be anything, The World is truly yours, move beyond any imagined limitations, a higher state of existence awaits.

The Greatest Secret

The past still exists inside our heart & mind, the future exists only in our dreams.

The secret lives only in this moment & how you react to it,

live in the moment it really is a precious gift. 

The World, The Great One of the Night of Time

‘This power the Secret Wisdom calleth the Mother. It is the power of Understanding.’

You are the secret, discover yourself today

Tarot affirmation

This is your World in a moment of time.

man only experiences external influences & illusions.

infinite knowledge will be revealed when you discover

the truth that has always been inside you.

World Meaning movie – TAROTREHAB look for Key XXI The World

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