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Based in London I am a hereditary Tarot reader with a lifetime of experience. I am from an Irish background & have been around readings since I was tiny. I always knew Tarot was my destiny. You can book a psychic reading online or by calling 0330 2019600 or International: +44 203 898 0125  I am still a student of Tarot, creating cards & writing every day. Here are some of my popular Tarot resources. My Free one card Tarot reading is extremely popular right now, enjoy your visits, I hope Tarot helps you uncover the mysteries waiting for you.

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Fortune Machine

What is your deepest desire? Roll up, consult the oracle of destiny.  There is no logic as to why or how they work. Just the fact that, in the right hands, they do work.

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Talking Tarot

Spread, Shuffle & reveal Your card. Watch as I talk you through your card meaning using my personal deck. Pick Your card now, your future is waiting

3 card tarot reading

3 Card Tarot

Your 3 Card Tarot reading can connect past present & future. Embark on the next phase of your journey. Choose your cards today.

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The path of transformation, join me on the Royal Road of Tarot
O'Mara Tarot | 2 minute Tarot adventure | Tarot Card Reading


I stepped back in to each of the cards I created all those years ago. I challenged what I really believed, the secrets I had already forgotten. I needed to revisit the keys.

Fortune Teller | Tarot Card Readings Online

Please join me on a 2 minute Tarot adventure, each journey is loaded with symbols & meanings. These are not ‘readings’, they are designed to take you inside what each card means to me, unlock the meanings one card at a time. .

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The Tarot is every story ever told, disguised as a pack of cards. This book with no pages has for all time been used for fortune telling, though it’s deeper use is as a mirror of our psyche for self discovery. One of the favourite tools of the New Agers and occultists the Tarot still conjures up the nostalgic view of gypsy fortune tellers with their tall dark strangers & journeys over water. Todays readers are far more likely to encourage the seeker to engage with their inner intuition. Empowering people to not only discover what they want from life, but to step up and proactively move forward and manifest their dreams.

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The Fool to The World. Join me on the Royal Road of Tarot, the path to higher consciousness.

Wands, Pentacles, Cups and Swords. Each of these suits represent situations in a persons life or qualities or ‘characters’ within that persons existence.

The Swords are the embodiment of the element of Air that correspond to thought & intelligence. The mirrors of the subconscious, they represent the development of opinions & beliefs

The suit of Wands relates to the physical body. It encompasses growth, ideas and creativity. Representing the element of Fire the Wands suit corresponds to inspiration and enterprise.

The fabulous emotional roller coaster of the Suit of Cups. In the Tarot, the suit of Cups is associated with the element of Water, influencing matters of relationships and emotions.

The Suit of Pentacles refers to Earthly matters, financial opportunities and the material aspects of life. The element of Earth deals primarily with encouraging the seeker to manifest prosperity.


Love Tarot? my free online Tarot reading features my personally designed Tarot cards.
My sites have given literally millions of free Tarot readings, your cards are waiting.

Looking for Love? Assessing your current relationship status? Often called the soulmate reading this free Tarot spread is for you.

The Tree of Life Online Tarot reading uses the central diagram of Kabbalah to explore your life path. Open your mind.

The Free Birthday online Tarot spread helps clarify lessons you learnt last year and where your path is set to carry you in the next. Your cards are waiting.

The Cross and Triangle online Tarot spread combines powerful symbolism to reveal your path. Clear your mind your answers are waiting.

The Mandala free online Tarot Reading. Interact with Your spiritual self to reveal opportunities manifesting now.

This online Tarot spread uses the symbolism Planets to reveal your path. Opportunities & new paths can be revealed with this spread.

The Star Tarot Spread is the perfect online Tarot reading to reveal your path. Are you ready to wish upon a star?

The 12 Houses Zodiac free Tarot Spread uses the astrological houses help reaffirm the questioners current life path.

The iconic Celtic Cross Tarot spread is one of the most complex and revealing spreads favoured by Tarot readers for its clarity and depth.



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Free Online Tarot Reading

There are many forms of free online tarot card readings across my sites. An accurate tarot reading is simply a mirror to what is happening in your life. Often the tarot deck is asked to focus on matters of the heart, Love & relationships. Not just ‘tall dark strangers’, real issues such as bouncing back after a breakup, exciting new flirtations & potential partners all show up in a tarot reading.

To explore your reading more deeply, or to investigate other aspects of your life such as life choices or career, remember my selected professional tarot readers are always waiting to explore your cards. Just a single card free love tarot reading can reveal amazing insights. My relationship psychics can also focus on a more detailed love life card spread for your unique love tarot reading. Pick your cards today, your future is waiting.

Tarot Meanings List

Step in to The Tarot, wander down the Royal Road, absorb the meanings of this most magical oracle. Using my own personally designed deck, the meaning & symbolism of each card is explained.


Tarot Rehab videos take you inside each of the Major Arcana. The Fortune Telling machine reveals more secrets. Tarot is the most powerful technology of untold possibilities, the book with no pages. Discover your next chapter today.

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