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planetary Tarot Spread
The Power Of The Planets Reveals Your Destiny

The Planetary Tarot Spread blends elements of Astrology with an 8 card diamond shaped query spread. With positions such as the card of Venus corresponding to aspects of love in the questioners life & the card of Mercury referring to Skills & Integrity, this is a good reading for a general life spread.

To activate the spread the readers usual ritual should be followed & then the questioner should concentrate on a question to put before the cards. Primarily the sun and moon are focused on in Astrology. The eight planets in our solar system have many correspondences within the Tarot experience.

The Planets

The three central elements of your birth chart are the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. Firstly, the Sun represents the Essential You – your ego and conscious self. In contrast, the Moon represents the Inner You – your feelings and emotional needs.

Like light and shade, they are complementary principles—one balancing the other. Men are more comfortable when they embody their Sun sign. Women express their Moon sign. But to be whole, you need to develop them both as integral parts of yourself.

The Sun

In your chart, it is the point where you shine and are most yourself. It also symbolizes how we experience (or experienced) our father or dominant parent. It shows your primary orientation towards life. The area of life in which you put forward your best energies. The way your ego integrates with the rest of your personality.

The Sun’s relative strength or weakness shows itself in the chart. It indicates the ego and the extent to which we manifest our potential individuality. The Sun in Tarot represents hope & success.

The Moon

The Moon symbolizes protective urges. It shows your unconscious mind and emotional responses. Home, feeling, reflection, instinctual reactions. Also, the family, rhythm, self-image, heredity, and nurturing.

It represents the feminine principle and complements the Sun. It is personified by the mother, wife, women in general. It signifies supportive figures and those who protect. The Moon in Tarot represents the unconscious.

The Ascendant

The Ascendant symbolizes your outward personality. Your physical appearance and how others see you, often quite different from how you are. Your Personal Outlook reading explains it all!

The Inner Planets

The inner planets depicted in your chart symbolize how you communicate. The ways you interact with others.


In your chart, it is the planet that shows how you communicate and think. The way you speak to others. The area of life in which you are most communicative. The way your powers of speech and mind integrate with the rest of the personality. Mercury corresponds to The Magician in Tarot and is the card of manifestation.

Mercury’s relative strength or weakness in your chart shows the ways you use your reason and communicative abilities.


In the chart, it is the point that reveals what gives you pleasure and how you relate to others. It shows the type and quality of your relationships. The area of life in which you have a sense of wellbeing and satisfaction. Also, how your capacity to relate integrates with the rest of the personality. Venus corresponds to The Empress in Tarot and is the card of manifestation.


In your chart, it is the point that reveals the nature of your desires and how you assert yourself. It shows how you get what you want. The area of life in which you are most energized and aggressive. The way your desires integrate with the rest of the psyche. The relative strength or weakness of your Mars indicates your assertiveness or otherwise. The extent to which you fight or compete with others. Mars corresponds to The Tower in Tarot and represents sudden change.

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Your Place in Society

Three points in your chart show how you adapt to the world: The Midheaven, Jupiter, and Saturn.

The Midheaven represents your innermost aims and direction in life, as well as your public image. This is the way the public at large is likely to see you and to assess your life.

Jupiter and Saturn represent the principles of establishing your place in the world. Together they provide a vision of what is possible and knowing how to adapt to reality.

Jupiter brings expansion, optimism, good fortune. Saturn brings contraction, realism, and sometimes painful, but always valuable, lessons. Successful adaptation to the outside world lies in developing your social strengths. Also, knowing when to take advantage of an opportunity. The best time to strengthen the foundations of your life.

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