Tarot – Strength – Activating the Power

Tarot Strength – The Power of Leo 

Strength Detailed Tarot Meaning
I saw a young woman controlling an energy field. Suddenly, bursting from the light, a lion. I was not afraid as it was obvious the woman had complete control over this magnificent beast. Through the pure lilies I saw a blue mountain and noticed the symbol of eternity, the Lemniscate, revolving above her head. The voice came “This power is true for eternity. Love can control any force and will one day unite our Universe.  No obstacle can withstand the power of true love”.  The scene faded as Kabbalistic symbols danced before me.  I knew then that love had filled my soul.
A young woman exerts psychic powers over a magnificent lion. Above her head the Lemniscate, the figure of infinity, is evident. The powerful lion is balanced by a bank of white lilies – here representing purity. Various hidden symbols decorate my card.  The mountain indicates untapped potential power. The Strength card is telling you to be careful not to internalise your emotions. You can overcome your weaknesses and you are ready to reap the rewards. The lion can represent overpowering elements of your personality or residual anger.  See yourself as the young woman overpowering the raw, primal power of the lion. When you learn how to recognise destructive patterns of thought and action you are operating on the frequency of The Strength card. Harness the power of your internal lion and channel that towards manifesting the outcomes that you desire. That incredible energy is just waiting to be tamed.

What will you use this force for in your new world ?  

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