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The Crystal Ball - The Mist Clears

I became fascinated with crystallomancy or crystal gazing as a youngster. The image on this page shows me with dodgy hair & my fabulous familiar Chan who used to accompany me at readings. Images of wizards & soothsayers fired my imagination. I used to scour the crystal shops of Glastonbury near my home, dreaming of the day I would own those fantastic orbs, sat in my magical castle watching images of alternate realities dance before my eyes. I own several now, including the gorgeous example pictured above that belonged to my mother, she preferred the natural quartz variety. I rarely use them for actual scrying these days, more as a focus for meditations. You can see my avatar using a fabulous example in my Lovers Tarot Card Meaning. Statistics for my sites show that many people in India looking for a psychic reading prefer the talents of a crystal ball reader. This just shows that the trends for mystic intervention change from culture to culture, people the world over are searching for answers to life’s questions. The online crystal ball page on my site is obviously a bit of fun, for entertainment only, just to spark your intuition or a smile. When the mist clears what is the next message to be revealed?

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