Which Powerful Tarot Card Represents Your Zodiac Sign?

Tarot Cards & Zodiac
Many of the Major Arcana relate to a zodiac sign, which is yours?

Which Tarot Card Represents Your Star Sign?

Knowing the foundations of tarot can provide you more insight into both horoscope reading and astrology, whether you’re a casual horoscope reader or a full-fledged astrological fanatic.

If you’ve dabbled in astrology long enough to know your sun, moon, and rising signs, chances are you’ve also tried (or at least contemplated) reading tarot cards. While these two magical disciplines may only appear to be comparable in the sense that they may both be found in the occult section of your local bookshop, they are conceptually and symbolically quite similar. 

In fact, each tarot card in astrology correlates to a particular planet, sign, or elemental combination, and each zodiac sign has its own tarot card.

Knowing which tarot card represents your zodiac sign can assist you in channeling the energy of both tarot and astrology, as well as provide you with some mystical insight into yourself. Continue reading to discover yours.

Aries: The Emperor

The Emperor or the Aries is associated with the cardinal fire sign of Aries. Emperors are rulers with enormous authority; thus this card is associated with a take-charge leadership energy. It also connotes impatience, since the Emperor wishes to take action right away. This sounds a lot like Aries, the brave leader of the zodiac. Aries personalities are known for being impulsive. Given that they are cardinal signs, Aries, like the Emperor, are exceedingly proactive.

Taurus: The Hierophant

Taurus, the stable earth sign, relates to the Hierophant. This card denotes morals, knowledge, and spiritual tradition. It prefers to stick to tried-and-true methods of accomplishing things rather than deviate from the route. Taurus, on the other hand, is all about taking things slowly and steadily. Because this sign is associated with stubbornness, its energy complements the Hierophant’s conventional sentiments.

Cancer: The Chariot

Cancer, the cardinal water sign, is associated with the Chariot. This card is about how we shield ourselves from harm. It’s how we take control of our surroundings by establishing boundaries and putting up healthy barriers to keep out whatever we don’t want in our lives/energy bubbles. Because Cancer is one of the zodiac’s most protective signs, the Chariot’s protective armour fits right in with its maternal vibe and desire to provide protection and comfort.

Gemini: The Lovers

Gemini, the mutable air sign, is associated with the Lovers. This card is about duality, collaboration, and making decisions. In the same way that the two lovers are symbolized by the symbol of the twins, Gemini is represented by the symbol of the twins. Gemini energy can readily embody two opposite sides of a spectrum at the same time; therefore duality is a strong suit for it. Because the Lovers is often associated with making a decision, quick-thinking Gemini is an excellent match, as it enjoys gathering facts in order to make an informed conclusion.

Leo: Strength

Leo, the fixed fire sign, is associated with strength. The Strength card is all about control and independence, but it also represents a balanced feeling of strength – it emanates compassion as well as control. Similarly, Leo’s regal energy is known for wanting to be the center of attention, but it is also recognized for being generous. Warmth, passion, and heart characterize this zodiac king, which corresponds wonderfully with the themes of the Strength card.

Virgo: The Hermit

The Hermit is associated with the earth sign Virgo, which is variable. This card is about connecting to our inner wisdom, internal processing, and peaceful contemplation of information so that we can go on with a better understanding. Virgo, on the other hand, is a sign that wants to think things out thoroughly and do things correctly. Its analytical and detail-oriented energy desires to improve the conditions of the world around it, and retiring Hermit-style is sometimes the greatest method to accomplish that goal.

Libra: Justice

Libra is the cardinal air sign that connects to justice. This card is quite self-explanatory – it’s all about doing what’s right, finding balance, and considering the benefits and drawbacks to make an informed decision. Libra (represented by the scales symbol) is always seeking peace and fairness, hence justice is a major theme. It’s crucial to have a balanced give and take, as the Justice card suggests.

Scorpio: Death

Scorpio, the fixed water sign, is associated with death. Scorpios, like the Death card in the tarot, are commonly dreaded in astrology – yet these archetypes don’t always symbolise real death or danger. It’s more about a desire for drastic and immediate change. This card represents profound change and fresh beginnings that can only occur with the end of a chapter. Scorpio is the sign of transformation and regeneration, and it is unafraid to go behind the surface for the truth that allows for change.

Sagittarius: Temperance

Temperance is associated with Sagittarius, a mutable fire sign. Moderation, mediation, and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment are all represented by this card. Similarly, Sagittarius is the sign of freedom and honesty who seeks the truth. Sagittarius is a fiery fire sign, but they’re also extremely philosophical and spiritual, and they’re always looking for deeper meaning, so their energy complements Temperance’s serious mood nicely.

Capricorn: The Devil

Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign that corresponds to the Devil. Don’t worry, the Devil isn’t about evil; rather, it’s about the material world, money, and consumerism. It asks us to consider what we’re giving up to others in terms of energy or money. Capricorn, like the Devil card, is preoccupied with material money and achievement, which is why it is regarded as one of the zodiac’s hardestworking signs. Of course, it’s easy to be caught up in materialism, and the Devil wants us to be aware of this.

Aquarius: The Star

Aquarius is the fixed air sign that corresponds to the Star. Rebirth, renewal, and the power to have hope, faith, and wishes are all themes in this card. Aquarius, on the other hand, is the zodiac’s forward-thinking visionary. Aquarius is always employing invention to invent new ideas that will enhance the collective wellness and usher us into a new era, much as the Star is connected with dreaming about a better future. Both Aquarius and the Star remind us of the seemingly limitless possibilities that await us.

Pisces: The Moon

The Moon is associated with Pisces, a mutable aquatic sign. This card, like Pisces, is all about losing ourselves in the depths of our emotions and swimming through the unknown. It’s linked to shadow work, or the examination of everything that’s concealed in our unconscious’s shadows. Similarly, Pisces is a transcendental sign that wants to discover the deepest, most hidden portions of the soul.

Tarot Cards are an Excellent Self-care Tool for Gaining a Better Understanding of Yourself

Consider free tarot card readings as a supplement to your self-care arsenal. Instead than lazily scrolling through Instagram, applying another mud mask, or binge-watching a TV, try shuffling and drawing some cards.

The practice of drawing cards can allow you to think critically about your life path and improve your intuition, whether you do it every night before bed in conjunction with journaling or once a month with a group of friends. You might even draw a card each morning to begin your day in a more thoughtful manner, while reading inspirational phrases to keep your mind occupied.

Tarot card readings can help you stay more connected to your inner world, allowing you to stay grounded while also promoting personal emotional growth. While tarot cards cannot predict the future, they can be an effective tool for manifesting the future you desire.

Final Thoughts

Tarot cards are one of the most well-known occult symbols. Tarot cards have changed over time, from ancient tales of fortune tellers doing intricate tarot readings to current tarot decks that allow anybody to study their past, present, and future through the occult. Their essence, though, stays the same.

Having a tarot card that represents your star sign gives you an automatic cheerleader in the tarot, and it also lends your sign’s personality and strengths a deeper depth of meaning. Many of My best Psychics & Clairvoyants are exceptional tarot readers & are ready & waiting to provide you with a fantastic accurate psychic reading by phone.

You’re not alone if you’ve never had a tarot reading or if you’re sceptical about the ability of a deck of cards to predict the future. Tarot card readings have long been misinterpreted as primarily precognitive practises that predict imminent disaster or financial windfalls. A tarot reading, in actuality, can be a useful tool for processing and comprehending one’s life, as well as creating objectives and planning future plans.

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