Top Ten Psychic abilities

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Top Ten Psychic abilities

When considering a Psychic reading it is always interesting to find out what techniques your psychic reader uses to perform the reading. My best psychic readers use a combination of some of these techniques to give their psychic readings face to face or by telephone.

Divination – Divination is the process which attempts to predict possible future outcomes. My speciality, Tarot, uses patterns & symbols to view the questioner’s current situation. By analysing this information in a Tarot spread it can be possible to predict the course that a persons life can take & offer advice based on experience that may offer alternative paths to follow. Tarot is the most popular form of divination, many of my popular psychics use tarot in their work.

Clairvoyance – Literally ‘ clear seeing ‘ is the ability to visually perceive events remotely or that are yet to occur using abilities just beyond the normal range of the five senses. Someone who is said to have this ability is referred to as a Clairvoyant and is able to access information about situations or persons whilst removed either by physical space or time. Rose: Pin 1035: is a warm compassionate reader who has considerable experience as a professional Psychic Clairvoyant.

Empathy – The most powerful psychic ability, exhibited by all excellent psychics or clairvoyants & all of those in the caring professions. The ability to intuitively understand and experience the feelings of another human being. When you receive a reading from a truly great empath you know that they are almost going through your current experience with you & can offer . Sapphire: Pin 1068: Is a Clairvoyant Psychic and Clairsentient who uses empathy honesty and understanding to perform her readings.

Intuition – The ability to implicitly understand something instantly without the need for consideration. We all use intuition but in todays hectic world many people have lost the connection to this most trusted of instincts. If we all began re-connecting to, and allowed our intuition to guide us I firmly believe the world would be a much better place. Simone: Pin 1135: Simone is a clairvoyant tarot card reader who mainly works using her strong intuition.

Clairaudience – Information received through hearing that appears to others to be inaudible. Advanced Buddhist believe that we all have a ‘3rd ear’ that can be activated to receive celestial messages. This type of clairsensing is a form of ESP may not manifest as actual sound, rather as impressions in the inner ear that are just beyond normal comprehension.

Clairsentience – A form of perception where the sensitive individual is able to receive impressions through feelings. Psychometry where impressions are picked up through objects is a form of Clairsentience. Clairsentient individuals are able to tune in to the individual vibration of those around them. Gail D: Pin 1116: I have been a Clairsentient Medium for 23 Years.

Precognition – This is a form of paranormal foreknowledge of an event that is yet to occur. Precognition or premonitions are especially likely to occur in the dream-state, or in the half sleep time just before waking. Traditionally precognition has been reported to cover disastrous events though fortunately this is not always the case.

E.S.P – Extra sensory perception is a blanket term that covers the ability to receive information through channels other than the recognised 5 senses. ESP is an instinct, or hunch that forms in the mind. Zener cards have traditionally been used to test E.S.P. You can take my free ESP test to test your psychic ability by clicking – here.

Channeling – Refers to the practice of mediums who profess to be able to communicate with the spirits of people who have passed away. Spiritualism is a spiritual belief system that is closely connected with mediumship. Due to the sensitive & potentially upsetting nature of channeling spirits or relaying messages from those who have passed good recommended spiritual mediums are hard to find & should be approached with an open mind through trusted recommendation. Dee: Pin 1011: Gifted since an early age, Dee is a Superb Platform Medium.

Telepathy – is the ability to transmit information to another person without direct contact or by using any of the accepted channels of communication. Twins are often said to have a strong telepathic bond & one can sense what the other is feeling / thinking. Modern research seems to point to telepathy being the ability to tune in to the unique frequency of another person and send information in brain waves similar to converting thoughts in to something like a code.

I Hope you begin to rediscover your intuition & manifest everything you desire !.

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