The Full Moon in Aquarius – Harvest your reward – Connect to your true self

Aquarius moon

The Aquarius Full Moon
The current excitement around the Aquarius Full Moon, heralds the first period of harvest for this year. This is the time to reflect and realise that seeds we have planted in our life are now coming to fruition. In the Tarot the Harvest is signified by the Seven of Pentacles

This is certainly true in my world as many exciting projects are finally materialising. The Moon has a powerful pull over the emotions & has a strong physical effect on our bodies as I have mentioned in many previous posts including my article about The Moon & Pisces . This full Moon is in Aquarius & this transit inspires us to appreciate not only that we have achieved so far this year. On a deeper level we should really begin to nourish those parts of ourselves that we are recognising as unique, really allow our authentic personality to shine. There are of course many numerous free psychic readings on my sites that allow you to get a glimpse of aspects of you that make you unique, from your Free Cosmic Astrology Birth report, through free Numerology charts, to my free tarot readings. Of course you can connect to my small chosen teams of psychics & Clairvoyants by phone to book a personal psychic reading.

Tarot & the Moon

The Moon Tarot card is one of the first cards I created whilst I was stepping in to the cards to absorb the meanings of Tarot, this is the impression I call on to bring this powerful card in to my mind :

“The barren moonlit plain threw shadows that disturbed me. Twin towers glimpsed through the darkness, two dogs guarded the secrets of the night. The cold air hit me, a shiver ran down my spine. The voice returned … ” The darkest hour is always before the dawn, why do you still fear ghosts & nocturnal apparitions ?. These are just transitory illusions. Dawn broke & as the weak rays hit me all of my irrational fears faded away.’ You can see a trot video meaning walkthrough for The Moon & all of the Major Arcana Tarot on my TAROTREHAB page.

The Moon of course controls the tides & has a huge effect on us as our bodies have such a high composition of water. The Moon therefore affects our intuition & subconscious patterns.

As more & more people are finding my site & leaving great comments I am seeking out ways to extend my services & offers to cover exciting new territories. For example, I have just re-launched my Irish Psychic phone service & extended that with Psychic text readings for Eire & Ireland.

I hope you continue to enjoy your visits to my sites, I sincerely hope that this Full Moon stirs up only positive manifestations in your World.

All the best, Paul O’Mara

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