Powerful Tarot Readings To Kickstart Your Future

tarot card reading

A powerful Tarot reading is the perfect tool to help you take control of your life and make better decisions. It can help you understand what is happening in your life right at this moment and why it is happening. When you understand the present you are halfway to manifesting a better future & living the life you have always dreamed of.

Tarot cards have been used by humans for centuries as a way of exploring their own lives. Tarot cards are not just a game or a way to tell the future, they are a tool to help you better understand yourself. Each Archetype reveals something about the human experience that can reveal your authentic self.

The Fool in tarot is the start of the journey & represents the clean slate, the first breath as you start your journey through life, he is the leap of faith. Each additional card of the Major Arcana is a major life lesson to be absorbed, all of the big names are here, The Lovers, The Devil, Judgement. All great cards & the ‘Greater Secrets’ of the Tarot experience, you can be sure that change is on it’s way if you reveal a Major Arcana card. You can discover every card in the deck, their meanings & symbolism on my Tarot Card Meanings page.

Tarot cards can be used in many ways, they are visually beautiful & are perfect for instagram. Some people just collect Tarot cards & have no intention for using them in divination. There are many pages on Instagram dedicated to Tarot, you can find mine here @omaratarot. Some people use them as a form of entertainment, for fun at parties. Some people use them as a journey of self discovery, to help them make decisions in their lives. Tarot readers use them for divination, to provide readings for clients or ‘querents’. A good Tarot reader sees the Tarot cards as ‘mirrors for your subconscious’, the cards in the spread allow them to connect to your energy to weave their story & reveal your reading.

The deck typically has 78 cards, the Major Arcana as already mentioned & the Minor Arcana, or lesser secrets that generally relate to more day to day events or ideas in a persons reading. The Minor Arcana is also home to the Court cards that are the ‘people’ cards of the Tarot. The Pages, Knights, Queens & Kings reflect relationships & people who the questioner may interact with & can be chosen as a ‘significator’ to divine specific information around someone already known to the questioner. The most popular tarot card deck is the Rider-Waite deck which was created by Pamela Colman Smith in 1909. Many people use this deck as it is a solid foundation in the Tarot experience & has clear references to all of the symbols & meanings. I based my personal deck on the Rider-Waite many years ago, it uses a similar format and contains many important people from my life to make it super personal to me.

Tarot reading is a popular form of divination, which has been in use for centuries. Tarot cards are used for readings, and the card reader interprets the images and symbols on the cards to provide advice, insight, or predictions. Tarot has seen much fluctuation in it’s popularity over the generations, right now it is enjoying a full blown renaissance as younger devotees search for answers beyond technology & our always on soundbite world.

Tarot reading is not a science or an exact system. It is based on intuition and experience. The most important thing about tarot reading is that it should be personalised to your needs and preferences. The best Tarot readers will instinctively know how to put you at ease & deliver a reading that provides real insight & actionable advice as to where your path is set to lead.

Before selecting a Tarot reader consider their experience- A good Tarot reader will have proven experience in giving accurate Tarot readings. Look out for recommendations from friends as often the best connections are made through personal recommendations. My readers are simply the best I have found, you can view available readers by visiting my psychics & clairvoyants page.

Tarot readings by phone are increasingly popular as people are looking for alternatives to face to face tarot readings & are realising that a great reader can connect remotely to deliver your reading. Also this way you know that the reader is not just simply picking up on visual clues.

Tarot reading for love and relationships is a very popular form of divination. Tarot cards are used to provide insight into the past, present and future of the individual. Though Tarot can be used for many purposes, love and relationships Tarot is one of the most popular readings.

The Tarot reader may use a specific spread to answer questions about your love life and relationships. The tarot reader will ask you questions about your current situation in order to determine what is going on in your life, any patterns they identify and what they might see happening in the future.

Tarot cards are a powerful tool for divination and self-discovery that originated in the 15th century. The right reader is obviously one of the most important factors in determining whether or not someone will have a good experience when having a Tarot reading.

There are many different ways to find a good Tarot reader. Many of my returning clients found me by searching Tarot reader near me or Tarot card reading London. However you find the reader who is right for you I hope your Tarot readings bring you great happiness & reveal many inspiring new paths for you.

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