Lucid dreams, Clairvoyance & Consciousness. Can we create our future ?

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Recently I have become fascinated by lucid dreaming. A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. I think that as we discover more about lucid dreaming, or controlling our dreams, science will again begin to look at premonitions and clairvoyance in dreams. Clairvoyance and remote viewing is the supposed ability to perceive events that are happening remotely, or may come to pass in the future, with information received beyond the normal senses. I believe that psychic ability & intuition is present within every human being, though the speed & stress of modern life makes it more difficult for individuals to connect to this frequency.

Clairvoyants & Psychics that work remotely, either by psychic phone readings or other methods, use a variety of skills to perform their readings. Usually it takes much perseverance & trust in your intuition to develop psychic abilities that allow you to ‘tune in’ in this way.

Recently I have found a great way to try & defeat my insomnia is to take control of my dreams & try and direct my consciousness elsewhere. Many times in my dreams friends that re no longer on this plane make an appearance & I love it when this happens. I have found that taking control like this opens me to what can only be termed as involuntary clairvoyance. Problems or situations that have been perplexing me begin to reveal new opportunities or directions that could move me forward to a beneficial outcome. Many people believe that this type of involuntary clairvoyance in a lucid dream is bad, not to be trusted or is in fact dangerous & opens you up to all sorts of negative forces. This I think could not be further from the truth, surely it is your consciousness unravelling your recurrent situations & providing different avenues for you to explore on the conscious plane ?

Many people mistakenly believe that once they develop their intuition or clairvoyant abilities they will be able to predict anything that is set to occur in the future. Experienced professional psychics & clairvoyants know that this is not the case & it is subtle intuitive flashes or impressions just beyond normal consciousness that need to be cultivated. It is the ability to tap in to the energy surrounding a person, or their situation that I look for in a truly great reader. This is usually combined with empathic ability that is almost close to therapy, and it is this quality that I feel provides a truly great psychic reading.

Many people believe that we are all born with some form of Clairvoyant ability & it is our modern environment that represses these natural instincts. Certainly children, especially those with ‘imaginary friends’ seem to have a more solid connection to the unseen, unfortunately this sensitivity diminishes or disappears entirely as we develop in to adulthood. I think it is possible to re-ignite our psychic connection to the whorl around us, to pick up on subtle clues around us & also use these instincts to protect us from potentially damaging situations. Clairaudient ability is another form of psychic talent that is claimed to enable some people to hear things that are invisible or inaudible to those around them. This ability is claimed by some psychics to be messages from an unseen spirit world that exists all around us. Some people claim to hear these voices in their heads instead of through their ears.

Whatever your thoughts are about lucid dreams, clairvoyance, clairaudience & psychic ability, there are always those times that re just beyond explanation. Is it coincidence when thinking of a friend that unexpected phone-call arrives. Is it strange when departed friends visit in dreams & offer advice that is incredibly relevant to your situation ?.

I think that as we continue to explore the subconscious & begin to use technology, like ‘apps’ that apparently allow us to control our dreams, the worlds of the ‘unknown’ & what we accept as ‘reality’ will continue to blur.

next time you are aware that you are dreaming why not try & take control & direct that dream to a conclusion you would like to manifest ?

Whatever happens I hope that you really do achieve your dreams.

All the best, Paul


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