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death tarot
transition & renewal
Meditation on the Death card
Death Tarot Meaning

Then slowly moving in front of me I saw him, the skeletal rider on a white horse. An overwhelmingly sense of black, of darkness. The black armour, the slowly fluttering black flag adorned with the cinquefoil white rose. Wherever the rider passes darkness and death are sure to follow, nothing in nature can resist his power. Then I heard the voice ‘He is Death, though you must trust the Sun will rise again. The Fool knows not of Death, his life is fear and dreams, as is yours. Will you not fully live this life before he comes looking for you?’

Priests, Kings, men, women and children must respect the transition of Death. When you see the Death card in a reading it does not signify physical death, rather the inevitable end of a phase to allow transition to a new and inspiring challenge. The darkest moment is always just before the dawn. On my death card the sun descends between dual towers, only to rise again. With the death card always comes rebirth.

Be ready for transformation when this card arrives in your psychic reading, new beginnings, renewal and rebirth appear to fire your enthusiasm for a powerful phase of development.

The Fool knows not of death, as the sun rises & falls, many hopes and fears are born and many will fade away. Man dies many times during the course of his lifetime, is it time for you to experience a re-birth ? Can you imagine where this new adventure could lead ?

key XIII

Do not fear me – change is inevitable. 

For the full movie – step inside the Justice card with me. Check in to tarotrehab 2 minute Tarot journeys, for each key, your journey awaits.  

Night follows day, winter follows summer, the darkest hour is just before the dawn.

We all face continuous transition, change, renewal. Your inner power ignites, arise like the phoenix from the shadows of your past.

Status, ritual, wealth or age hold no interest to me. Look upon me with eyes of wonder, the eyes of a child, only they do not fear me, they can see I am simply change & reinvention.

My river is the flow of every life, changing direction as every chapter is revealed. The dawn between the pillars of Life & Death show every ending heralds a new beginning.

Your new life is coming online. Our beliefs die, now is the time for reinvention. Continuously, expanding our horizons. Revealing endless new opportunities. .

My card has had a bad rap, the gypsy fortune tellers painted a very dark picture of me. My sign is Scorpio, magnetic, mysterious. Secrets will be revealed. Pluto pulls emotion from the depths allowing you to release yourself, to emerge in a new dimension.

Your authentic self finally  emerges from the cocoon. Spread your wings ….

A note on Death in readings, especially tarot card psychic readings over the phone. As a reader you have to be especially careful to impress upon the visitor that nobody dies when the skeleton appears in your reading. I know of some readers who remove the scarier cards from their deck, this I believe invalidates the whole experience. If death appears in your reading it’s a new beginning, embrace him, he’s one of my favourite cards.

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