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Tarot is having a renaissance & once more being recognised as a powerful tool for transformational growth. The myriad symbols that form  the tapestry that weaves meaning from Astrology, Numerology, Kabbalah & many other esoteric systems deeply embedded in the Tarot experience. The power of the Tarot is being increasingly promoted as a tool for creating rapport between the reader & the subconscious. The Tarot have for me always been magical portals that reveal layers of understanding, connecting me with the archetypes programmed in to my subconscious & enabling me to offer alternative life paths to those who request readings from me. My updated text psychic service is proving popular with the generation who want fast answers to their burning questions. In our fast past society we have to be nimble, ready to adapt & shift as the world changes around us.

Different types of Psychic Tarot Readers.

There are many different types of Tarot readers. Though I do not believe that the Tarot is the ‘Devils Picture Book’ or has any innate power of it’s own, I feel that in the wrong hands The Tarot can be misused and many readers are unaware of the responsibility of giving a ‘psychic reading’ as the questioner may take all suggestions to heart. In fact a phone Tarot reading, even with an exceptional Tarot reader only reveals possible routes that the life of the questioner could follow. Every one has control over their destiny & can make choices that affect the outcome of their current situation. I believe that the best Tarot consultants are able to interpret a Tarot spread as a whole, a complete scenario whilst also re-laying the importance of each card in relation to the position in the spread.

If you are drawn to the Tarot, before you become concerned with the individual meanings, spend time tuning in to the overall vibration of your chosen deck. My relationship changes with the Tarot on a daily basis & continues to do so even after 30+ years of giving psychic readings. I love journeying along the Royal Road of Tarot & know this is my life purpose & an adventure that will never end. If you are interested in forging a relationship with the Tarot, to expand your awareness, for self development or to give readings for others you can find the basic accepted meanings of the cards here : The meaning of Tarot

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