Tarot – The Hermit – Lighting the Way

Tarot – The Hermit – Magus of the Voice of Light 

Hermit Detailed Tarot Meaning
Out of the barren desert he appeared. The voice returned. The lantern transcends time to illuminate your path. The cloak contains all mysteries. The staff of power completes the trinity of initiation. Follow his light past temptation and illusion. You will be released from the world of dreams to your true life and higher purpose”. The mist swirled and I never felt so alone.
An old, mysterious loner swathed in dark robes fixes your gaze through a snow storm. He finds his way with only a lighted lantern. Listen to your inner wisdom whilst avoiding introspection and the lantern will reveal your path. Spend time with yourself.  Realise what is important to you. Alan is the model for this card – gone but certainly never forgotten by anyone who ever met him. Instinctively, sense his wisdom.  He sees through your distractions to reveal your truth. The Hermit is your inner knowledge. Constantly craving the answer to all of life’s dilemmas. Listen to your voice. Let it lead you to the light.

Will you listen to your inner wisdom ?

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