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Tarot readings with the Major & Minor Arcana

We all need a belief system, a path to enlightenment, something to decode the meaning of our existence. The Fool's Journey along The Royal Road of Tarot is one sequence that can put your life in perspective. The Major Arcana, or greatest secret of the Tarot is the fifth 'suit' that contains the most familiar cards. The Lovers, The World, etc. As I perform readings it is my belief that should the questioner turn over one of these cards then they are facing challenges that may be greater than if they had turned over one of the Minor Arcana, or lesser secrets, that tend to refer to more mundane aspects of life.

Connecting with a Tarot Reading

Performing a Tarot reading is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Initially the ritual of the shuffling and laying out of the deck in to whichever spread is chosen is a technique for building physical rapport with the questioner. If the reading is done remotely then many readers see this process as an opportunity to tune in to the energies of the questioner. Once the spread is prepared then the interpretation can begin. Should any of the Major keys appear then the reader will know that the questioner is on the verge of a life changing phase of development.

There are many different techniques used in decoding a Tarot reading, something for a series of later posts . I personally like to use a combination of all of them to provide a rounded, inspiring, entertaining experience. One of the trending aspects that I will be reinvestigating in the near future, is the Fool's Journey through the Major Arcana. Each card of the Majors represents a profound life experience, it may be necessary for the seeker to revisit each card of the Major secret cards before the lesson of this key is learnt & fully absorbed.

The First Key to the Major Arcana is The Fool. The Spirit of Aethyr. I can't wait to retake this journey through the Tarot archetypes. Think deeper. Look closer. Nothing is as it seems …

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