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Top Ten Tips for becoming a Tarot expert

I have been featured as a Tarot expert on various sites. The site you are on is a lifelong passion for this most magical oracle that continues to evolve. You are always a student of tarot, there is always something else to learn.

Here are my top ten tips on becoming a Tarot expert yourself …

1. If Tarot is your destiny, you will have no choice. The Tarot will hunt you down & claim you. As a child I watched the Tarot cards spin at the beginning of ‘Tales of the Unexpected’, was hypnotised by Solitaire the fabulous Clairvoyant in ‘Live & Let Die” & was terrified by “Dr terror’s house of horrors”. I knew that Tarot was my destiny & have spent the last 30 years voraciously reading anything I can find on Tarot. Absorb everything you can & then disregard it completely & go with your instincts !

2. Throw away the little white book that comes with your deck. Dive in & start intuitively interacting with your chosen deck. If you get locked in to the ‘official meanings’ your intuition will be compromised & your readings may suffer & become robotic & repetitive. See your cards as extensions of you, carry them around, sleep with them. Use every opportunity to tune in to the vibrations of your deck. The more tuned in you are not only to your deck but also your intuition, the more amazing your readings will become.

3. The Tarot is built around the Major Arcana, or greatest secrets. The backbone of the Tarot experience is The Fool’s Journey, You can read my take on that journey here : >Fool’s Journey Part One < –    >Fool’s Journey – Part Two<. Don’t take yourself too seriously or imagine yourself as a great oracle. The Tarot is the message, you are simply the interpreter. A masterful knowledge of the Major Arcana is a must for any budding Tarot reader. Basic meanings for all the cards can be found here > Online Tarot Meanings <

4. Develop your Tarot persona. You have to be authentic in your readings & totally confident. You must present your authentic self when delivering readings or the questioner will become uncomfortable & the reading will collapse. I can’t stress this enough, I have seen fantastic potential readers have a wobble during a consultation, lose their confidence and then it is inevitable that the reading will fail. The connection between you as the reader, the questioner & the Tarot must be as strong as possible. The stronger these connections the better the Tarot reading.

5. Always come from a place of positive energy. ” Love is all you need ” has never been truer than when working with Tarot. Realise that the Tarot is a journey that will never end, a lifelong love affair. Also realise that the questioner may take everything you say to heart so be sure that you stand 100% behind any statement that you make. Be 100% confident around the potentially scary Tarot Cards, Ten of Swords etc as you must be ready to reassure the questioner that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

6. Trust in the message. Have confidence. The faster that you progress from enthusiastic learner to conduit for the cards, the more fun you will have & the more amazing your Tarot readings will become. Ignore negativity, you will encounter people who will not be on the same wavelength as you & may try & undermine your relationship or fascination with the Tarot. Think about how you are going to deal with this inevitable eventuality & prepare your replies ! Group bookings are daunting initially & you have to be seen to be in control and totally ready to deal with any imps !.

7. Recognise patterns. Just as the Fool’s journey describes every souls transition through the fabulous journey we call life, a lot of people will have seemingly similar experiences. Get used to this though never forget that EVERY questioner is an individual, having their experience of life. NEVER feel that you have a stock answer to recurrent themes as you will be caught out. When you see a pattern emerging, up your concentration 200% & focus on every detail for the questioner, you will be amazed at how you can use this technique to hone your intuition.

8. Develop your own spreads. In order to get Tarot ‘under my skin’ ( apart from having some tattooed, another story ! ) , I created my own deck using friends from my personal journey. If you can create your own deck ‘DO” !. If not why not develop your own spread ?. The more personal you can make your Tarot experience, the more authentic your readings will become. If you give readings using your heart and your head, then you will quickly become sought after to read for others.

9. Tailor your readings & be prepared to break out of the structure of the spread. If you turn up a Major archetype in an unexpected position for example, move on to the next position & then go back to the card that has thrown you. Often when you return to a card that has challenged you it is a ‘lightbulb’ moment & you will find the interpretation flows & expands your relationship with the card that challenged you.

10. Don’t take yourself too seriously. The Tarot has chosen you, be humbled. You will be a student on the Royal Road of Tarot for life. If someone flatters you by saying “you are amazing !” or “OMG YOU are such an expert Tarot reader”, smile take a deep breath & release the ego. The Tarot has been around a long time & it will still be here long after it is done with you. Give thanks that it invited you in for a glimpse behind the curtain.

I believe that the Tarot is the most powerful technology of untold possibilities. My psychic text service is now live to provide the fastest answers to your burning questions. Every life can be revealed in this amazing book with no pages. If you decide that the Tarot is your calling I wish you, as always, only success.

May you manifest everything you desire

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