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Which Tarot deck ? Which Tarot card for love ? Which is the best Tarot spread? I am asked endless questions all the time. Here are some of my favourite Tarot questions.

The top ten Tarot questions I am asked by those interested in learning Tarot. Firstly I must say that even though I have been absorbed by the Tarot for over 30 years now, I know there are so many more secrets to be revealed. The journey through the Tarot never ends, though it is possible to learn the basics relatively quickly if you apply your imagination.
1. Don’t play the part of ‘The Magician’ or ‘Psychic’
The Tarot is a system for personal development & divination. Don’t feel pressured to play the part of ‘the all seeing psychic’, The most successful Tarot readers I know are authentic to themselves & allow the Tarot cards to work through them in their readings. The Tarot has no inherent magical energy of it’s own, it is a deck of painted cards. It is you as a reader that learns to respond to the myriad symbols & interpret the cards in the spread. If you are an empath & a good listener you can develop counselling like skills with The Tarot. The only concern you should have is empowering the questioner, anyone coming to you for a reading should leave feeling more positive about their choices than before they consulted your Tarot cards.
2. Don’t read Tarot books
A friend of mine has recently become fascinated by Tarot ( as many of my friends often are eventually ). She asked me what book to read & about the leaflet that came with her deck. My first piece of advice is always initially go with your intuition as to what each card means before you get bogged down in reading endless books on Tarot. As for the little leaflet that accompanies each Tarot deck, these tend to be cryptic & confusing at the very least. If they have been translated badly from another language, then they are likely to be less than useless. See what card speaks to you & then as your relationship with the cards deepens you can start to absorb the ‘ accepted meanings’ & start to investigate the various symbolic imagery hidden in each card. I now have an extensive Tarot library, when I was a boy the one book that made sense to me as I started my journey was by Juliet Sharman-Burke you can find some of her excellent work on Amazon here. This is only a personal recommendation, obviously there are many more authors & many different styles of Tarot book for you to consider.
3. Learn one trigger phrase for each Tarot card
When you are giving a Tarot reading, having one ‘stock’ trigger phrase ensures that every reading you give, every card you turn, you have a springboard from each card that will launch your intuition. When I designed my own deck, as I created each card embedding the symbols in my subconscious, I added a ‘trigger’ word to the design. Obviously not every one has the time or inclination to create their own Tarot deck from scratch, however learning a keyword for each Tarot card is, I believe one of the most important lessons on your Tarot journey.
4. Always carry a Tarot notebook
Much to the dismay of my partner, I always carry a small moleskin notebook with me to jot down impressions or thoughts that crop up about my Tarot discoveries. I am freshly back from Sri Lanka & this post took form in the back of a bumpy tuk tuk on my way to dinner one night. Obviously it was hard to decipher my random scribbles later, but was a great way to note down anything Tarot related. I have many notebooks full of Tarot dreams, additions that I need to add to my always developing deck & impressions that I can layer into my interpretations for future readings. The Tarot is an organic, developing part of my life. Every day a new layer of meaning is revealed & I know that my journey along the Royal road of Tarot will never end. I have notes going back many years, when I was 13 or 14 & just starting out on my Tarot experience I new that I wanted to create a Tarot resource that could be seen by anybody, anywhere. Who knew all those years ago that the internet would have made this a reality ?. And as the internet connects people at faster speeds & new technologies emerge I am always considering new options for my websites.
5. Choose a daily Tarot card
I have got in to the habit of choosing a daily Tarot card. Sometimes I simply choose the first card that emerges as I start my readings for the day. I have made it a routine & try to post my chosen card to my social media, such as Twitter with links back to the chosen card. For example today’s card is The High Priestess so I tweeted her her with a link back to my meanings for The High Priestess card to keep that page alive. A while ago I got into the habit of a daily meditation on a chosen Tarot card, I would sometimes place the card under my pillow & try & entice the image in to my dreams, in the hope that some lucid dreaming would enable me to meet with whatever archetype was represented. People searching for tarot card reading near me often end up on my pages. They are often searching for meanings but just as regularly are searching for a really good psychic reading. Often if I speak with visitors they ask for what one thing has helped me most in my Tarot journey. It would have to be focusing on a Tarot card as I drift off to sleep. Many times I have been fortunate to have had nocturnal conversations with the characters of Tarot, including some of the friends who feature in my cards who are no longer with us.
6. Honour the Tarot
The Tarot is a mysterious oracle with many different threads of belief as to how & where these magical images originated. If you choose to work with Tarot you should do with respect, if you hold this fantastic book with no pages in high regard you will undoubtedly be rewarded with many years of fascinating insights. Astrology, numerology, magical symbolism, there are so many esoteric layers embedded in the incredible system of Tarot. You will never unravel the complete mystery of Tarot, however as a belief system, an ordered path of self realisation or whatever other use you choose to follow, The Tarot will provide you with untold riches & insights that will enable you to help not only yourself but any others who are interested in allowing you to read for them.
7. Try & internalise the Tarot
As you become more & more familiar with the cards of the Tarot you will find that they start to become lodged in your subconscious. This is an exciting prospect & you will start to find correlation between the Tarot universe & how you experience the ‘real world’. I have gone one step further, the Tarot is literally under my skin. I have had some Tarot tattoos & hope at some point to have more when my pain threshold allows. When you start to absorb the meanings & symbols hidden in the Tarot you literally can meditate on the cards wherever you may be. I find this incredibly useful & especially enjoy playing the ‘match the archetype’ ‘or major Arcana secret to people I meet on my journey through life. If you can absorb the symbols, you will have a Tarot deck with you wherever you may go.
8. Develop your own Tarot rituals
From purple silk cloths to left handed cuts, you will hear endless rituals. ” It is bad luck to buy your own Tarot deck” being one of the most popular ( something I simply refuse to believe ). My ritual for working with my trusted Tarot changes on an almost daily basis. I am fascinated by auto hypnosis, and though I don’t go in to a ‘trance’ when studying my Tarot cards, I definitely change my vibration to connect with the frequency of my cards. If you believe that keeping your cards in a certain box wrapped in a purple scarf keeps the cards pure, then fine !. I have many decks, including some that are many years old. I like to keep them in whatever remains of their original packaging still exists. I used to keep them in a special box wrapped in a certain cloth, however, as I began travelling more, I found being asked to open them at airport security became somewhat tiresome !.
9. Never stop learning
You should aim to keep your relationship with Tarot fresh & ever developing. If you simply learn some stock meanings, then your readings will be limited & eventually become repetitive & uninspiring. If I am giving a reading & something fires in my imagination, I always try & run it past the questioner. More often than not there will be some significance that they can relate to. Many of my favourite readings over the years have all involved me trusting my intuition & literally being in ‘the flow’, accepting impressions as they arise & allowing my reading style to endlessly evolve & develop. Interact with others, if you bump in to another reader in the ‘real world’ or online bounce some ideas around. Who knows, you may even find someone who inspires you & leads you down another path of discovery.
10. Don’t take yourself too seriously
Though I spend a lot of my time considering the Tarot & genuinely believe it is my life’s focus. I learnt many years ago not to take myself too seriously. Quite often when someone asks what I am interested in I will assess the situation & maybe be a little economical with the truth. Some people just will not accept that Tarot is anything more than a parlour game. Some people genuinely believe that Tarot is the work of the Devil & just by using it I am set to burn in the eternal flames of hell, ( FYI both beliefs I have actually encountered ). It is my thought that as long as it harms no-one else you are free to believe & follow any system that you so wish. From organised religion to Tarot & on to Scientology or being a Jedi & beyond. Whatever makes you happy & fills you with inspiration, is your absolute right.
In closing I will repeat a point I made in item 1 on this list, the only concern you should have is empowering the questioner, anyone coming to you for a reading should leave feeling more positive about their choices than before they consulted your Tarot cards. Anything you say may be perceived by the questioner as certain to transpire. You should make it clear that they have free will & their destiny is ultimately their own creation, based on their beliefs that will subconsciously create their world. As a Tarot reader you are responsible for using your intuition & experience to offer possibilities that could help the questioner reach a new level of existence, make them happier & show them opportunities that may be just outside their experience.
If you decide to take the magical journey that is learning & working with the Tarot, then I wish you only success. Many years of enjoyment await you, good luck.

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