Tarot The Star – Enlightening experience

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The Star Tarot – Inspiration

My mind exploded with simultaneous sparks of thought. Things that had previously confused me or that had been beyond my understanding suddenly made perfect sense as the beams of light in my brain connected like an information superhighway. I felt elated, though physically shaken, as everything I thought I knew took on new & exciting relevance as myriad new layers of meaning were revealed in a perfect moment of clarity.

Then in the sky above me  a white burst of light faded to reveal a huge, brilliant Star, orbited by seven smaller stars. I was overwhelmed and knew that the light I had been seeking was radiating in the connected network of brilliance before me. It was obvious that any darkness or negativity could not resist the true power of the Star, the light was an infinite inexhaustible force, touching everything in the Universe with its transformational energy.

My mind cleared and the voice came : “ You now understand that the connected sparks of light represent all thought throughout the Universe, when we think as one we can create worlds beyond imagination full of peace joy and unlimited potential. Now you have seen the light you must know that nothing is impossible for you now “

Through the radiance I saw a beautiful young woman. She poured water from two pitchers as a strange bird, an Ibis, watched from nearby. I was thirsty and thought I would approach and ask if I may drink from the pitchers. The young woman smiled and said “ Of course. Remember there is no darkness if you allow your authentic light to shine. Once you allow your truth to be revealed everything is infinitely possible”.

My mind swirls with ideas, inspired and revitalised I continued on my journey.

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