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Keep the Love alive, Keep the Flame Burning in a relationship

The crossing of the Swords reading
I very rarely agree to give readings to couples. One that I am about to report is so ‘textbook’ that I feel I just have to put these ideas out there.

The young man literally dragged in by his partner showed equal amounts of ‘fear’ & eye rolling ‘OMG what is this hokey sh*t going to do for us !’. Anyway first three cards out, The Lovers, The Queen of Swords & the Page of Swords. You can learn why I knew this was a ‘classic’ reading by clicking on the links for each of these cards. In brief the Lovers : my meditation on this card : ” Can you sense the temptation that threatens the equilibrium ?, should they yield to this, the eternal love that could propel them in to the light will disappear, this is the everlasting truth, do you comprehend?” The Queen of Swords, Stunningly beautiful & having learnt a lot of life’s lessons was about to embark on a major career leap. Now the undoubtedly cute, but mischievous Page of Swords sat before me, I wanted to slap him, it has to be said! The Page is young & has not yet acquired full control of his Sword so care is needed around him, he can be dangerous, read that sentence again & you get my drift.

However, Instinctively I knew these pair were soul mates, though work needed to be done, especially on the part of the petulant Page here was a lifelong relationship that filled my heart with joy. Many people arrive for a reading after connecting through my free psychic reading page or the free relationship tarot reading. Lots to think about on those pages that have been visited countless times over the decades.

There were other cards involved including the Devil, so it was an exciting reading to say the least. I know this pair will make it but it will be a roller coaster before they realise that their union was inevitable !. Plus being symbolised both by Swords, the intelligence, the thought patterns around these cards really challenged & excited me !.

Working on relationships

Intimacy and relationships are two very different concepts. The flame that burns in a relationship that keeps the bond strong can be fuelled by intimacy. In todays increasingly busy world I am fascinated to see that many of the couples I know are creating designated ‘date night’, away from all distractions, to remind them that the bond they have is a blessing & worth working regularly to keep the union fresh & vibrant. Intimacy is the energy that enables the people involved to enjoy their connection even more.

Intimacy in a relationship is defined as the act of being involved in a private or personal way. The closer the association, the more familiarity develops, the more a couple is able to share their innermost thoughts and essence of themselves without being held back by inhibition, the tighter the bond.

When the ability to develop intimacy begins to wane, then distance is allowed to creep in between the couple. Often it is those around the people involved in the relationship that notice the distance forming before the couple themselves.

In order to keep the love alive & romance blossoming, consistent attention needs to be shown to your partner & for the relationship itself. In these days of electronic communication it is more important than ever to indulge in healthy verbal communication. Openness & physical contact is also essential in encouraging intimacy & a close bond. Many factors keep love alive, but these small points can be the cornerstone of building a love that will last.

Tell them you love them

Nurturing intimacy relies on the regular meaningful expression of genuine appreciation & tenderness. Showing openly that you care, just how important your partner is to you, is the number one failure I find when I’m dealing with people who are facing a rocky period in their relationship. Being open, & truly honestly expressing your feelings is the most powerful show of intimacy that you can show your partner. It is openness that is the most important element in creating the type of involvement that binds people together.

As the initial glow of a relationship fades to familiarity, openness is a must. You simply must be honest & straightforward with each other. In words & deeds, being truthful & honest allows each other’s personality & character to shine. Fostering a bond that is unshakeable from whatever life throws up to try & shake the equilibrium.

Are your reactions your own ?
Intimacy openness & honesty could also be related to ‘learned behaviours’ from parents, families, life experience. Many people take a long time to realise that they can actually decide to change their behaviour from what they think is the ‘correct way’ to operate in relationships. eventually you have to accept that your parents, or care-givers were doing the very best that they could, at that time in their lives. This does not mean that you must use this as a template to live your life. In the reading I mention here, I truly believe that both partners accepted the atmosphere they grew up in was to say the least, slightly toxic. I could see them in front of my eyes begin to accept & listen to what each of them thought & felt. I actually saw them move in to the present & begin to envision a life together where their chemistry fused them as a team, ready to take on all challenges, rather than separate entities that were destined to be at the endless mercy of the Universe.

Finally it is incredibly important for each partner to accept & encourage personal growth of their partner. Developing pride rather than jealousy over the partners achievements means that those involved in relationships should complement each other. The phrase ‘Soulmate’ or ‘Twin-flame’ has been massively overused, though creating intimacy & strong relationships really does enable the individual to fuse their uniqueness with another soul to create an entirely different energy.

My meditation on how an energy can begin to erode a relationship is no more prevalent than in my Lovers Card, repeated here : ” Can you sense the temptation that threatens the equilibrium ?, should they yield to this, the eternal love that could propel them in to the light will disappear, this is the everlasting truth, do you comprehend?”

If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship, do all you can to prevent any energy eroding the love that you have built. I wish you, as always, only the very best & hope you manifest all you desire x

Paul x

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