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If you’ve ever considered having a Tarot reading. by phone, you are not alone. Millions of people around the world every single day pursue the validation and truth of their lives through Tarot readings with experienced individuals who know how to tap into the symbolism beneath the painted surface of the cards. Vast in nature yet amazingly clear in meaning, Tarot cards can offer clarity for everyone, no matter their personal situation at any given time.

Life isn’t always rainbows & Unicorns

Tarot is my destiny, it claimed me many years ago, it is my daily obsession. I built this site around my Tarot Deck, a personal journey through the Major Arcana or Greater Secrets. And the Lesser Secrets of the Minor Arcana comprised of the four suits, Wands, Pentacles, Cups & Swords. Many sites I had visited had a very ‘love & light’, Unicorns & Rainbows approach to the Tarot. I was drawn to the darker mysteries, the transformational power of the Fools Journey along the Royal Road, making it my life purpose to absorb and unravel as many of the mysteries that this fabulous oracle slowly reveals, if you are willing to step through its 78 doorways.


The Tarot is a powerful transformational tool, some of the cards encourage us to accept that life isn’t always rainbows. Only by really embracing challenging aspects of ourselves & the challenges of our daily existence, can we grow and become the person we know we are meant to be. I believe Tarot is the most powerful technology of untold possibilities, the book with no pages. Your story is written in the Tarot, are you ready to discover it?

My Tarot philosophy

I am committed to providing unadulterated, unhindered Tarot card readings online  that can present the answers and instincts needed in today’s increasingly dark and confusing world. Some sites remove the more challenging cards from the deck, invalidating the whole experience. I totally embrace the ‘darker’ cards of the Tarot, the greater secrets of the Major Arcana. I love it, for example, when someone draws the Death card. Disclaimer : I’ve never had someone actually die on me during a reading! I have however had people who are finally ready to let go of something or someone that has been seriously hindering their development. This is a really powerful, cathartic experience that transcends the simplicity of what appears to be just a simple painted piece of card.

Tarot Card Meanings

Starting out with my specific card pages, my website presents an in-depth description of what each Tarot means. For example, The Lovers – Infinite Mystery. This Tarot card explores the secrets behind the veil, depicting a young gorgeous man and woman, intertwined and naked (Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden). Representing all aspects of relationships and the choices that come with life’s exciting decisions, this specific card explores the options we’re faced with on a daily basis as we interact with those who materialise in our world.

After exploring the truth behind a specific card that could’ve piqued your interest, I like to build on how each card builds with the rest of the deck. My free Tarot readings take interested individuals through a very simple Tarot card reading. Each of my free Tarot readings is structured to focus on a specific life path. From the path to enlightenment of the Tree of Life Tarot reading, to the Birthday Tarot reading that encourages you to focus on the potential of your year ahead.

Free Tarot Readings

Not everyone is instantly sold on the powerful transparency of Tarot readings, I have always provided free simple Tarot readings purely designed to spark interest in the ritual of Tarot spreads. Since Tarot reading is a vastly complex esoteric practice, the site offers everything from simplified free Relationship Tarot and Cross Triangle Tarot Readings, to Star Tarot and Tree of Life Tarot Readings using the power of tarot to reflect the questioners specific life situation and requirements at the time.

Following the free reading, I actively encourage people to consider the support and enlightenment of the cards as an option to find a different viewpoint for future challenges. This can take the form of an actual reading with a qualified reader, or a consultation with one of my recommended Clairvoyants.

Tarot Reading

I love giving tarot phone readings, recently it has obviously been difficult to do face to face, remote readings are great as they don’t allow visual distractions to cloud the reading. I have worked hard for many years to carefully craft a service that is honed to provide support and eye-opening psychic readings for anyone, no matter where they are in life right now. I am passionate about providing clarity in a way that awakens and soothes the soul, my service is open for anyone who may need it, and I strive to continue to evolve my site and services, to provide a 21st century service that I am proud of.

Fun and Games

Of course, as a comprehensive platform, there are other fun accessory goodies available for those who stumble upon the site, including Crystal Ball Readings, Chanting with Buddha, a Fortune Teller Machine, Mind Readers, Chakra Tests, Chinese Astrology Readings, and many more. These simple experiences are designed to provide a positive boost, and though for entertainment only, are crafted to excite and inspire and can be found on the free psychic readings page.

It’s no secret that navigating life today is becoming increasingly difficult. More and more people are feeling detached from what is going on in our world. A spiritual, esoteric lens is a great way to get in touch with the forces that we are forgetting how to tap in to.

Everything today is designed to be better, faster. Every experience is fleeting & instant. I believe Tarot  helps us recapture our spiritual essence and live once more in the moment. Try to connect with your life & those around you today, life truly is a magical journey if we allow it to be. I hope that as you read this, your Universe is preparing some adventures to stimulate and inspire you.

As always I wish you only the best.

Paul O’Mara


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