The Power of the Mandala in Tarot

mandala tarot reading

Many of you regularly using my free Tarot readings have recently been opting for the more Spiritual orientated layouts. The Mandala Tarot spread is suddenly & surprisingly very popular. Mandala is the Sanskrit for ‘circle’. I have seen many empowering & beautiful Mandalas in my jaunts around the far east. Indian religions, especially Buddhism, my favourite organised religion, use the mandala as a means of focusing spiritual awareness, establishing awareness & inducing trance or meditative states.

I have studied meditation and have experienced using various methods to concentrate the mind in order to access the subconscious. A Crystal Ball can induce trance states through the technique commonly known as scrying. Hypnotherapists used to rely on the swinging watch to induce the trance state. The Mandala tarot spread is a pattern that represents the current view from your personal perspective. My Mandala reading is designed to interact with your spiritual self. Each image connects with you at the deepest level to reveal the direction you are set to follow. I am pleased the spread is having a renaissance. Sanskrit for ‘sacred centre’, this mandala spread removes you from the earthly world, this holy pattern guides the wearer in meditation and takes them a step closer to spiritual perfection.

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