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What is the secret of your success? Do you use the ‘law of attraction’, or it is something else, do you believe that what you send out to the universe will return to you? Nowadays, almost all successful people are aware of how vital their thoughts are in creating success. They are conscious of their thoughts and ambitions and actively fight to squash negative self doubts as they arrive. This is the most powerful time in the history for self development as people are much more aware of the basis of success and how what energy they are sending out to the universe can impact their day to day reality. My best psychics know exactly how to focus their positivity & also reveal through their readings how you can capitalise on looking on the bright side.

There are several factors behind the foundations of applying any system such as the law of attraction or cosmic ordering. The real secret is the energy that you apply as an individual in applying these principles. You can read every self help book ever written, until you actually start to act on those principles it is likely that not much will change in your world. Only your thoughts and actions can bring you to the results you deserve. You should focus your personal energy, take command of your personal reality and mould it to be the life you want it to be. Law of attraction teachers will encourage you to be grateful for what you have ‘in the moment’, whilst keeping one eye open on a positive outcome for the future. Unfortunately, not all people can realise the life they want, usually because they are busy focusing on the life they don’t want or already have !. Energy is present in every atom of the universe and controlling yours is the secret behind your success.

So, why is energy the secret of your success? We are all interconnected energy beings, everything and everyone are part of the bigger picture. When you are happy, you will naturally release  more energy into your environment. When you are depressed, you will be emitting a different vibe that will again affect everything and everyone around you. People lose their strength and feel tired when they are worried or fearsome of the future. Your worry and fear will make you less energetic in performing your duty to become successful in your life. So that, you cannot manifest what you want. Unfortunately, most people fall at this hurdle. You can’t be fearsome of your future, because you haven’t created it yet !. Most of my most recommended accurate psychics have raised their vibration to enable them to do what they love doing, work with people to assess where they are in their soul development and give advice on how the questioner could change their outlook to attract the life they truly desire.

Many ancient teachers were able to understand about how to increase the level of energy to bring greater success. They were able to bring more energy to manifest things faster, to laser target their thoughts on the positives to bring about the situations they wanted. Do you know how to raise your vibrations?. Good food, feeling energised and having a happy positive outlook is a great place to start. If you increase your energy level, you can create miracles on your personal journey to manifest success. So, make a pact with yourself to bring a positive attitude to everything you do today. A clairvoyant telephone reading could increase your vibration, and the more energy you bring to your projects, the more easily you can manifest your goals.

Never accept failures, accept any setback as a lesson, thank it for enlightening you, make a note to repeat that route again and move one. Try to stay happy always, try to only allow positive energising people around you. Focus on harbouring a positive outlook to the main areas of your life. Re-assess your relationships with people, money, self worth in fact anything that has been holding you back from achieving your goals. Work on projecting a more positive personal energy day by day, and watch as the universe repays you by presenting you with more and more experiences and opportunities to empower you.

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