Tarot-The Fool’s Journey – part 2

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My Part 2 of The Fools journey represents every souls transition as they move forward through life. Each major key or Greater Secret of the Major Arcana represents a seminal lesson that must be learned. In order to reveal the authentic self each of these 22 keys must be absorbed. This quick overview of the journey is based on meanings of Tarot from my deck and the keywords relating to each of the Major cards. Enjoy the Journey !

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The Hanged Man ( Click for detailed Meaning )

After His enlightening retrospective with the enigmatic Justice, the Fool moves forward in contemplation. Suspended from what some claim to be the tree of Yggdrasil from Norse Mythology. Many years ago I used to hang in exactly this position as a child, staring at Glastonbury Tor in the distance. Being inverted, the rush of blood to your head definitely gives you a different perspective. As he is suspended, The Fool feels he has given his all, he doesn’t yet realise the great power that awaits him when he is no longer bound to the tree. The Fool is a man suspended in time, in an amazing moment of clarity. When the Fool finally surrenders & lets go of all previous experience, he is truly ready to release all & let go, only then will his true destiny be revealed.

Death ( Click for detailed Meaning )
This card it must always be stated does not signify physical death. When the skeleton glides silently past, withering all in his wake, then great change is inevitable. In more & more of my readings, the Death Tarot card is appearing for people who are having a complete life change. It is an eye opening, mind exploding moment, when we can begin to let go of redundant beliefs & behaviours. Starting from the basis of what we have discovered so far as to who we really are, what we really need & what we actually want to achieve, this is a turning point in anyones life. The Death card allows us to relinquish all aspects of our life that are no longer needed. Bursting forward with renewed enthusiasm this transition opens our personality to a life of renewed vigour. Our interest is fired again & we can begin to embrace life with all the enthusiasm of a child, though now we have life experience & knowledge to guide us to our authentic life without the hindrance of previous insecurities.

Temperance ( Click for detailed Meaning )
After the spiritual challenges that the Fool has encountered, not since his encounter with the Hermit, which made him focus on his true purpose, has the fool been so open for introspection. The angel of Temperance, with her mysterious cups, shows the Fool true authentic balance & the need for moderation in everything. By experiencing his incredible soul journey so far & identifying his authentic self, by absorbing all the experience & magical changes to his personality & ego, The Fool is undergoing a massive shift in consciousness. The Fool now realises that the future quickly becomes the past & he must seize this moment of clarity. By accepting the message of Temperance The Fool has traveled far in developing as an authentic being who can appreciate all aspects of life.

The Devil ( Click for detailed Meaning )
The Fool’s next encounter is with the Devil. He smiles & realises that after the serenity of Temperance, he still has a lot of lessons to learn. The Devil exists in some form in all cultures, though I have found that the biggest Devil most people need to defeat is within themselves. The darker side of the personality challenges everybody, if we can strive to live with purity & truth, we can release the true love in our heart, & the Devil will dissolve. The images of people chained to the Devil in Tarot represent our obsession with materialism. If you look closely they could easily release themselves, as can we all. The truth is most of us strive for what we consider normal, locking our lives in to routine, ignoring the true magnificence of life. The Fool breaks free from the grip of the Devil & moves forward to an even bigger challenge.

The Tower ( Click for detailed Meaning )
As the Fool turns from the Devil who duly dissolves, relinquishing all control. The Fool is faced by the Tower. As the crown is dislodged by intense lightning & the foundations begin to crumble beneath the Tower, The Fool hears the internal voice : ” You now understand, no structure can bridge earth & heaven, only love built in your soul can achieve such miracles”.. Sometimes a seemingly disastrous event is necessary to create enough inertia to tear down limiting restricting beliefs & open our hearts to receive the light & truth that is our right on our journey through this lifetime.

The Star ( Click for detailed Meaning )
Turning from the rubble of the Tower, The Fool was hit by beams of cleansing light. As these beams of light engulfed him, mysteries previously hidden from his consciousness were revealed. A beautiful young woman appeared in a shimmering vision, all of his life experience made sense in an instant of purity. An instant understanding of the concept of karma began to be programmed in to the Fool’s mind by The Star & her satellites. This is a real light-bulb moment for the Fool and anyone on their journey through life.

The Moon ( Click for detailed Meaning )
In the moment of Euphoria inspired by the Star, the Fool is completely open to all experience. As night fell the light of the Moon began to confuse the Fool with fantasy & illusion. The internal voice returned : “The darkest hour is always before the dawn, why do you still fear ghosts & nocturnal apparitions ?. These are just transitory illusions”. Dawn broke & as the weak rays hit him, all of the Fool’s irrational fears faded away …

The Sun ( Click for detailed Meaning )
Awakening now under the heat of the Sun, he realises that the shadows of the night, the confusion and nightmares, were indeed illusion. The Fool bathes in the rays of light, feeling the beams hit his face. Now the Fool understands that each is a messenger that holds the power to create life and truth. The voice came … ” Understand the power of the rays combine with all in nature to create your reality. Feeling energised the Fool moves forward and knows that now is the time to finally reach for his ambitions & become the person he knows that he can be.

Judgement ( Click for detailed Meaning )
The final Judgement for the Fool, the clarion call to action. As his authentic self he is now ready to release all previous doubts & mistakes. The Fool is now complete, his authentic self. Making peace with his past, living in the moment & with positive excitement for the future, he feels energised. He knows know that every action he makes, every thought that he has, will eventually form his reality. He is finally ready to materialise his true life purpose.

The World ( Click for detailed Meaning )
Finally the Fool is ready for the ‘Big Picture’. His consciousness zooms out & he sees the entire World in a moment of time, an enchanting woman encircled in a wreath of laurel roses and lilies materialises. The four evangelists, appear as an angel, an eagle, a lion and an ox. The four corners of the Universe.. She speaks ” Humanity can only experience external influences & illusion. Infinite knowledge will be revealed when you truly accept the unique truth that is inside you”. Then there was silence, The Fool was back in the moment, left in awe & incredible wonder at the journey that had manifested his reality ….

I truly hope you enjoyed the journey, I know that for me at least it is a truly fascinating journey along The Royal Road of Tarot that will never end. Wherever You are on your journey I wish you only the best and sincerely hope that you manifest all of your desires.

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