How your thoughts shape your reality, your personal window to the world

through the window

I believe how you interpret events really does create your reality. If you decide and really make a conscious effort to ‘look on the bright side’, it definitely has a cumulative effect that begins to attract happier events in to your life.

I am not saying that we should blindly stumble through life spouting joy even in the face of the most adverse days. Sometimes it is necessary if not vital to ‘let off steam’. When we can find a balance that allows us to react from a neutral point we know that we are truly living our lives truly in tune with the energies of our world. As an example of how different people react to the same situation I’d like to invite you to :

Run for Your LIVES !!!

How we react to the world around us is the most amazing aspect of our earthbound existence. In this fast paced world we are exposed to ever more stimuli & demands on our time. Therefore it is increasingly important to recuperate, to spend time & energy doing the things you like to do. I spend an awful lot of times updating & exploring my tarot meanings pages. They are my reality & make an awful lot more sense to me than the ‘real’ world a lot of the time. Nourish yourself by really absorbing yourself in what drives you, that which validates your existence. I read with interest today about the mystery mural that has been accredited to ‘guerilla artist’  Banksy, in the beer garden of the Princess of Wales pub in London’s Primrose hill. How fabulous that what a few years ago was considered grafitti is now considered high art. Amazing that if this is the work of the elusive Banksy that he would risk being exposed or even possible arrest for the sake of his art. I wish this was true but my gut feeling is that it is a fake, but fun nonetheless.

My window to the world …Is it different to yours ?

As I read the story this morning on the tube I realised that the internet had become my window to the world. I also wondered why a painting I had seen had struck such a chord with me, it is then I realised that the girl & the lion in the painting connected with Strength from the Tarot, my own personal way of decoding my life experience. Someone else looking at the same painting would no doubt have a different response, anger at the ‘grafitti’ fear at the image of the lion or some other response at the tag line of ‘Run for Your Lives’.

As an experiment next time you find yourself responding to external stimuli why not challenge this response. Is it a conditioned knee jerk reaction? Try a free tarot reading, look closely at the images on the painted pasteboards, what reactions are stirred in your psyche? If you find yourself intrigued by the process perhaps consider a telephone tarot reading with one of my best psychics. They can step through the window of your world & guide you on where your path is likely to lead next.

Small changes in our outlook can lead to huge changes in our reality. The 22 Clues of the Major Arcana are the perfect keys to help you unlock a new reality.

Your thoughts become things, What do you really see through the window to your world?

References Strength, Daughter of the Flaming Sword, Leader of the Lion

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