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When I am performing a reading for people one of the most anticipated cards is The Lovers card, here are ten quick points about this famous Tarot archetype.

For more detailed meanings of The Lovers tarot card visit my Lovers page.

1. The Lovers card doesn’t automatically refer to Love & relationships, as with all of the Major Arcana it’s meaning is layered & complex & is more about achieving balance in your life before you can attract your ideal partner.

2. The mischievous Magpie is attributed to the Lovers tarot archetype. One of the most intelligent of animals the Magpie is renowned for it’s highly evolved & complicated way of forming relationships. The Magpie is also seen on the 7 of Swords.

3. The Angel in my card is a dear departed friend who was hilarious but often quite close to the bone. He was great at introducing potential partners & a talented Astrologer, this is why my Lovers card features the signs of the zodiac.

4. The Angel featured in the lovers is The Angel Raphael, The Archangel of healing. Therefore if this card appears in a reading relating to a relationship that is struggling, repair is possible with focused effort.

5. The tree behind the woman, who is Eve incidentally, represents the 5 senses, sensation. If we yield to sensation the serpent glimpsed on the card can whisper his poisonous message.

6. The Gods or deities associated with The Lovers are Janis & Castor, themselves attributed to the next point in my list, the astrological sign Gemini.

7. The astrological zodiac symbol attributed to the Lovers is Gemini, Gemini is the twin sign that is intertwined with this Tarot archetype.

8. Zain is the hebrew letter associated with The Lovers, meaning sword & connected with the letter 7 it is the personification of beauty, though of course the sword has the power to cut through bonds if we are not careful..

9. The Lovers tarot card is represented by the intoxicating beauty of the orchid, symbolising romantic temptation.

10. The Lovers card is used in a stacked deck by James Bond in the movie ‘Live & let Die’ to trick Solitaire into sleeping with him & thus losing her power of second sight.

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