Tarot The Devil – Escape the Darkness

devil tarot
the beast within
Tarot the Devil
The Devil Tarot – Unchain yourself 

Before me an inverted pentagram formed from the smoke. Then from the flames he appeared, the curved horns, the disfigured face. The Devil, male & female symbols representing the Lovers seen in a previous card were visible. I sensed this couple had allowed him to invade their perfect union. The Devil now had the power to erode the beautiful, perfect union that they had previously enjoyed.

The voice appeared in my mind “This man and woman have succumbed to illusion, they forgot that love is all that matters, they forgot to look with purity and truth, to see only love beyond time. If they can reconnect to this eternal energy, then the Devil will dissolve. He holds no power over love and truth”.

When the Devil appears in your psychic reading online, realise that by allowing fear and doubt to enter your mind you are allowing all of your personal power to evaporate. Be wary of self destructive, repetitive addictive behaviour. Jealousy or any thought process not based on proven facts will undermine all aspects of your existence. Be ruthlessly honest with yourself, what do you truly believe, challenge your outlook and response to every situation.

My inner Devil lives inside me & hides in my deck. Every time he rocks up I’m like – ‘OK, here we go. I know I’ve become complacent, about to have my inner demon rock my world.

Pluto in Capricorn in my chart today, will watch that compulsive behaviour, repressed emotion, explosive anger fuelled by Aries gives me an epic boost today, shining a light on & finishing half baked but fabulous creative projects is my mission. The Devil is ruled by Capricorn, the workhorse of the zodiac, planetary ruler Saturn. 

Take his energy by the horns & turn it on any situation that is blocking you, it won’t stand a chance.

“He is evil incarnate, though only if you allow him the power. Look with purity & truth, see only love beyond time & he will dissolve. Eternal love can be yours.”

Key XV

The Devil is you

For the full movie – step inside the Devil card with me. Check in to tarotrehab 2 minute Tarot journeys, for each key, your journey awaits. 

Often when the Devil appears for a questioner & they shift uncomfortably I will say something along the lines of: ‘Absolutely no need to fear the Devil, he has been with you your whole life, he sits inside waiting for his moments, just be ready to blind him with your light, keep an eye on him though, he’s a shady one for sure’.

The Devil is ruled by Capricorn, the workhorse of the zodiac.

The Devil is waiting to rob you of the extraordinary opportunity we currently have to expand ourselves, mentally & physically. 

The Devil is you, any behaviour that prevents you from growing is his influence. When we face him we make better choices, be your own saviour, have an extraordinary day.

You need to realise that you may be emotionally chained to your past. Situations, people or habits may no longer be relevant to your journey. You may have been afraid, maybe afraid of just how truly great you can become if you only release yourself from doubt. The Devil ion this card is you, turn your back and he will dissolve, finally release yourself from his power.


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