Learning to trust your intuition

trust your intuition

Developing your Intuition

Developing intuition can actually be a very simple process.  By paying attention to your inner voice, analyzing its accuracy, and feeding your mind useful information, you can easily begin to see some pretty amazing results.  Everyone is born with a certain amount intuition.  The first step is in realising that these “hunches” and “visions” are not simply a part of your imagination.  This inner dialogue is simply your mind’s way of communicating to you those things of what you are unconsciously aware.  These thoughts and feelings can act as a warning of things to come.  But how can you improve this ability to a level of which you can actually trust?

The Three Steps of Developing Intuition

Gary Kasparov is one of the world’s best chess players.  He realizes that computers have the potential ability to play chess much better than he can, calculating future chess moves much further ahead in the game than any human mind could possibly do.  Yet Gary consistently beats the odds and outwits these computerized competitors with his intuitive grasp of the game of chess.  When Gary is asked how this is possible, he often states that his combination of experience with his “sense” of what is about to occur propels him to victory.

Are there areas in your life where you seem to have this unique sense of self?  The three steps for developing and improving your intuition in order to increase your problem solving capabilities include:

Recognize that you have this ability and encourage its growth.
Study how it works and improve your trust in its accuracy.
Provide your mind with useful information.

Recognize it and Encourage it

There are often times in our lives when we have a certain sense that something just isn’t right.  Perhaps you are about to get on a crowded bus, sensing a feeling of dread that something is about to happen.  You might even ignore this feeling, choosing instead to get on the bus.  After arriving at your scheduled stop, you get off the bus and began walking to the store.  You select your grocery items and travel to the cashier, reaching into your purse for your money.  It is at this instance that you realize that your wallet is missing.  You had it on the bus, and now it is gone.  Someone has stolen your wallet.

In other cases, you might be considering the purchase of a certain type of item, perhaps a Mustang Convertible, for example.  Then, all of a sudden, you begin to see Mustang Convertibles nearly everywhere you look.  In every parking lot, on every city street, and in every neighborhood, Mustang Convertibles of every color seem to magically appear.  Developing intuition works in much the same way.

Study it for Accuracy

Whenever your intuition begins to kick in, pay attention to the aftermath.  Was your intuition right?  Did these hunches come true?  In what areas does your intuition seem to work best?  Do you have positive moments of intuition or are your intuitive images more negative?  As you begin to learn the accuracy of these inner thoughts and dialogues, you can begin to build its strength, much like lifting weights can build your biceps.

Feed your Mind Useful Information

Even Gary Kasparov cannot beat a computer at chess without first spending a significant amount of time learning the game.  Intuition is always based on one’s skills, knowledge, and past experiences.  The more that you learn about a specific area, the more accurate your hunches and intuitive thoughts will become.  Developing intuition to increase your abilities in future problem solving means that you need to work at it, learning as much as you can about the specific areas in your life that you want your intuition to begin to gain power.  Only then will you be able to gain more trust in your abilities.  When your mind is filled with more knowledge, then it is better able to consciously participate in your intuitive abilities.

Keep Going

Most of my very best psychics and clairvoyants started out on their path to helping others by recognising and encouraging their intuition. Before they can confidently perform a telephone tarot reading they need to practice remote reading for others. It is such a privilege to test a new reader & see their gift blossom as they become attuned to working remotely. It is often by being on the outside of a person’s situation that you can offer guidance as to what possible paths could lead to a happier more productive existence.

Next time you have a flash of intuition, welcome and recognise it. By combining intuition with a positive outlook, and by being determined to strive towards your goal, you can really leap forward …

Here’s to your success, See  you in Wonderland

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