The Queen of Pentacles – You have worked hard, will you now allow yourself to truly enjoy life?

queen of pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles.

The Queen of the Thrones of the Earth

The Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot reading :


The Queen of Pentacles – Appearance

The Queen in my omara tarot deck appears before rolling lush green fields with Glastonbury Tor in the distance, under a sky that begins to brighten after a storm. In the foreground are a rabbit & a strange goat / fish hybrid creature. The Golden Pentacle is seen behind a clear crystal ball, under a canopy of roses an eye symbol appears to form from the clouds.

The Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card – Interpretation

The Queen is a serene figure who reigns over her domain calmly & with the aura of a woman who is at peace with herself & accepted her position in the world. The Queen of Pentacles embodies the essence of the suit, she has known hard work, has made her fortune and now has made a conscious decision to enjoy life on her own terms. The Queen of Pentacles loves to have good things around her & likes to travel and enjoys foreign cultures. This Queen is good at setting her sights on something and working hard to achieve it, the satisfaction of having gained her prize through a committed effort is what drives her. A practical woman, The Queen of Pentacles is a committed friend & makes a favourable & fair acquaintance in business. Trustworthy & reliable she is of a generous disposition and will always provide sage advice based on her life experience.

The Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card – Correspondences

The stabilty of Capricorn

Alchemical Elements : Earth, Gold.

My Relationship with The Queen of Pentacles
The Queen of Pentacles holds significance for me as it features one of my siblings, my sister Diana, herself a talented Tarot reader. For me Diana embodies the essence of the Queen of Pentacles perfectly & is responsible for starting me on my journey down the Royal Road of Tarot in Glastonbury by buying my first deck. The other symbols on the card also hold hidden significance. As I mentioned in my previous post I became interested in scrying, or crystal gazing at around the time I was first studying the later cards of the Pentacles suit. If you look closely I have incorporated a Crystal in this card. The eye symbol forming in the clouds hints at knowledge just out of reach, of messages just forming in our subconscious.
The Rabbit indicates fertility, if a client draws the Queen of Pentacles in a phone tarot reading I often sense that children or matters of fertility relate to their current situation. Likewise fertility of mind is indicated combined with a voracious thirst for knowledge. The goat fish is of course the visual symbol for the Earthly element of capricorn associated with this card and also symbolises the god Pan, underlining the Pagan associations present in this card. Glastonbury Tor seen on this card has special significance for me and I have written a page explaining why here :  Glastonbury Tor. The feeling of calm after the storm in a free psychic reading the Queen of Pentacles card indicates that whatever life throws at us, especially in the workplace, we should always remember what it is that truly makes us happy, that which is truly important.

The Queen of Pentacles in a free psychic tarot card reading means you have worked hard, will you now allow yourself to truly enjoy life ?

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