Spring Equinox – Growth & Potential

spring equinox

As the earth warms & the potential of Spring blooms, What is on your horizon? Searching tarot reading near me often brings people to these pages & it is then that they connect to their potential through a free tarot reading. Now is the time to act on any dormant dreams, & use the energy of Spring to harness any plans that you have been making.

As the Spring Equinox has now passed, the day when dark & light are perfectly balanced, the light that floods your world can illuminate your path like the lamp of the Hermit. A psychic text is a fast way to get answers to your burning questions or the kickstart you need. Now is the time to act, to get moving, & as you notice the new life spring from the earth you can grow & expect the new season to explode your enthusiasm.

The Empress is the embodiment of this season for me & I always give thanks for the wisdom & clarity she has brought to my dreams, the magic & potential that fires up my spirit to give me the courage to strive towards my potential after the darkness of Winter.

The Spring Equinox

The spring equinox is a religious festival celebrated by pagan followers. It is a solar festival which celebrates the first equinox of the year in spring time. An equinox is where the length of day and night is equal, this happens two times per year. Once in spring when plants and life are blooming and coming into the environment. Then again in autumn when life is winding down, plants die off and animals go into hibernation. The spring equinox is also known commonly as the vernal equinox. It really depends who you speak to as to what definition they will use.

If you look at a literal translation of the phrase equinox you will find that it means equal night. This is due to the fact that the sun is in a position located above the equator. During this period, the length of day and night is around equal the world round. So why exactly does this occur? Well it is all to do with the earth’s tilted axis, the earth does not lie at a straight vertical angle from the north to south pole. It is based on a 23.4 degree slant, rather than a straight up and down alignment. This means that during the earth’s year long 360 degree rotation around the sun, different parts of the earth receive different exposure depending on the season. Summer is when the area of the earth that you are on is tilted closest to the sun, and has the most exposure to the rays and heat. Contrastingly winter is when the earth is at the other side of the sun, and your part of the world is tilted further away. This means less sunlight reaches you, and when it does there is less heat in it.

If the earth was on a straight vertical axis, days would be equal to nights the year round. There would be no seasons at all.

Religious traditions and rituals have followed the changing of the seasons for as long as man could consciously think. Specifically in the pagan faith the coming of spring is attributed to an increase in the powers of their God and Goddess. These are a personification of the different natural forces that are present in the world. The coming of spring is very much a celebration for followers of these religions. There is much celebration and thanks given to the Gods for their brining of life and harmony again to the world after winter. It depends on which specific religious denomination you look at, but different celebrations are carried out. This can be from acting out the roles of the spring God and Goddess, to symbolic celebrations of life with eggs and seeds.

Overall it is a powerful time of year for any religion or even individuals who wonder about our creation and destiny. Life is all around and it is a beautiful sight, it reminds us of the wonders of nature that are all around us, and how special life really is.

I hope that Spring fires your enthusiasm & launches you in to a really powerful transformational year.

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