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Tarot for Change

In recent times I have met people who’s lives have been turned upside down. Lost jobs, grief, uncertainty. We have had a global shakeup & it has left many feeling out of control, trying to make sense of the situation they find themselves in. Tarot can provide a structure & an objective view of where you are & where you may be headed. Many of my new younger generation visitors have told me that Tarot has become their new compass to guide their thought process, technology isn’t working for them at the moment. 

I have been reading cards for over 40 years. They are my destiny & my tool for understanding the ‘real world’, especially when it appears to be completely baffling. Often I get asked how I can put my trust in a pack of battered old pasteboards. Believe me I would rather do that than turn on the news pretty much any day of the week. Obviously there are guidelines in place for giving a Tarot reading. Your sitter has to understand the process these days we have to state that a reading is for ‘entertainment only’. 

The number one rule is that if a sitter presents to you & obviously needs professional or medical help then you must make sure you recommend them to a suitable contact, be that a doctor, the samaritans an accountant, whatever. The Tarot contains every story ever told, all aspects of life are there. As a reader you may see these issues in the cards yet not be qualified to deal with such issues.

Tarot is having another renaissance apparently. I always smile when I hear that, it never goes away for me, though I am interested in seeing the shift in the demographic of questioners that appear. As I have said in these uncertain times the main uplift has been in young professionals looking for inspiration through the wisdom of the Tarot, looking for the key that unlocks their future. If you have been searching for tarot card reading near me a phone tarot reading is often a better option as you can connect from the comfort of your own home. Gen Z particularly like to connect via psychic text as they can get a fast answer to their issue that sparks a new thought process.

But Why Tarot

As yet another generation get lost in the magic of Tarot the same questions appear. Where did it come from? Was it the Egypytians? Did it originate in Europe in the 14th Century & was it spread by the romany people? No one will ever really know. What I know is that increasingly the Tarot is being used by readers & therapists alike to explore the human experience through archetypes & storytelling.

Tarot has increasingly used as an alternative to organised religions to provide direction & comfort to those who seek its help. More & more people are identifying as spiritual yet not religious in the traditional sense. Tarot is a spiritual practice that encourages inner child work & enables people to journey in to themselves. The structure of the Major Arcana & more especially the Fools Journey is an incredible way to discover yourself & understand your purpose & position in the Universe.

Tarot on social media

Tarot has exploded on social media, especially Instagram as it is is visually gorgeous & rich in symbolism. My account @omaratarot has introduced me to so many other Tarot obsessives. Many like minded souls have established friendships & connections across the world through the magic of social media. Social media can have a darker side, the Tarot community seems to be one of the most positive & supportive of all communities though it has to be said it has become a beacon for scammers as with any other community.

Open up

Tarot is incredibly good at starting conversations. Sit in a cafe with a tarot deck I front of you & I guarantee with in 5 mins you will be engaged in conversation. In a telephone tarot reading it is our responsibility to deal with misconceptions around Tarot. People may have only experienced Tarot through popular culture the Death card, tall dark strangers. The darker cards need to be handled sensitively to avoid scaring people, the Death card is of course about transition & new beginnings. Tarot is also more inclusive than many other systems, the rich & varied characters in the Tarot experience including the Court cards, the pages & Knights, Kings & Queens offer more representation. There are more decks appearing every day from queer decks to cat lovers, there is a deck for literally everybody, if there isn’t one for you then make one!

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