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Is this the ultimate Tarot Love reading ?.

Very rarely when performing a reading for someone, a ‘perfect storm’ of cards come together to provide pretty strong direction. Yesterday I laid out a Celtic cross spread for someone who’s question was ‘is he the one?’. The significator card she selected was the Emperor, a pretty solid personality to base the reading on & then pulled an incredible selection of cards including The Lovers, The Empress, The Hierophant & a whole bunch of positive Cups cards ( linked to emotion ) that left me in no doubt that, yes, he most definitely is the one !.

Very rarely do you see such a concentration of Major Arcana cards, ‘people’ cards from the various suits & an abundance of cups.

I’ve talked about the structure of The Celtic Cross in a previous post, so I’m just going to give a very brief overview of the cards in this spread. You can find more detailed meanings by clicking on the name of each card.

The Significator, The Emperor, in this case a person of Authority, stable, with a good intellect & possible Aries connection.

The central card, the focus of the question, The Lovers, no doubts here as to what the central issue of this ladies spread is … Tread carefully, as the outcome will have far reaching, long lasting consequences when the Lovers card is your central chosen Tarot card.

The crossing card, potential challenges, The Ace of Cups, The energy flowing through this card is purely elemental, emotions & feelings will run high. Relationships, partnerships even marriage are indicated by the Ace of Cups.

The recent past, The Three of Cups, a card of celebration, was the initial meeting at a party of some kind ?. Often when interpreting the cards for clients the Three of Cups on an emotional level indicates that the first exciting flush of a relationship has blossomed in to the potential for a committed bond.

The near future, The Queen of Cups, The Queen of Cups is queen of the suit of emotion, this is indicated by her Cup, the only closed vessel in the suit. This symbolises that the Queen is conscious of her emotions but prefers to keep them hidden. Is this the case with this lady ?, should she make her feelings more obvious ?.

Yourself, the card that represents the questioner in this moment, The Empress, She symbolises that abundance can be yours and the support you need to attain it is always available and can be relied upon unconditionally and quite amazingly the partner card to our significator, The Emperor.

Your environment & those around you, The Ten of Cups, a beautiful card that embodies attainment & success. In relationships this can symbolise that a significant other has been discovered & the questioner can now begin to enjoy life, safe in the knowledge that the partnership is permanent.

Hopes & Fears, another Queen, The Queen of Swords. This card can often symbolise that the questioner may have had previously unhappy romantic encounters that may have led them to believe that they were set to spend time alone. The suit of Swords is not an easy suit, the overwhelming feeling of this card is of unhappiness, of instability. This Queen is pragmatic though and does not dwell on past disappointments. Often if this card appears the Queen is questioning what the seeker intends to do with their life.
Possible outcome of the reading, The Hierophant, The Hierophant is your inner teacher & has the duty of revealing your ultimate spiritual path. Every one is on a spiritual quest & will eventually find the vibration that enables them to spread the most Light. In reading regarding romance, this card stands for ceremony, is a wedding a possibility ?.
I love it when I get a reading that has so many powerful indicators, this is certainly not a difficult spread to interpret & I hope that this romance continues to blossom.
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