How can I learn Tarot?

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I get asked all the time ‘How do I learn Tarot’. My opinion, & only my opinion, throw away the little white book.  Find resources that do interest you & exhaust them, thankfully I’m an obsessive so no worries there. Listen to people, actually listen to them. You don’t have to like them, you do have to get in to their headspace & make a connection. Finally trust your gut instincts. If Tarot finds you, have the respect to voice what is being revealed through you. I’m sorry to say if you aren’t destined to be a reader, no amount of study & waving Tarot cards about mysteriously is gonna cut it. Go find something that you are good at.
” You don’t have to like them, you do have to get in to their headspace”
On this image I’m in my happy place, I stepped in to each card as I created my personal deck & they still surprise me as I give readings every day. Many people find me by searching tarot reader near me, Ironically after the strange times we have had the majority of my readings have been remotely. I find remote meetings just as powerful, you can make a connection unaffected by visual clues or preconceptions. If you haven’t take a couple minutes to choose your card in my talking reading, link here: Free Talking Video Tarot
If you would like to learn the meaning of Tarot cards you could start by working through my Major Arcana animations. You can find each key on my Tarot Rehab page, each one is less than 2 minutes long & will immerse you in the meaning of each card.
Have great day, yesterday is done & dusted, tomorrow is a fantasy. Grab today & shake it. it’s the only time you’ll ever see this day, make it count.

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