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What to look for in a Psychic Tarot reading

The lines have blurred between psychic reading & magic, as in ‘performance’. A good psychic should not try & impress you with guesses or statements that could apply to anybody. In my many years of experience, really good psychics can tune in to your life path, in the way that a good therapist can, offering alternative paths that you could follow which may bring you closer to your desired goal. In a really good reading I have found that the reader should bring information or validation that makes the sitter move closer to their desired outcome of their own accord. Many times the sitter is too close to their individual circumstance, stuck with limiting beliefs, or just so used to following the same path that the outcome is inevitable & predictable.

I truly belief that sensitive readers tap in to vibrations just outside of normal experience, this intuition can be utilised to encourage the questioner to empower themselves towards becoming the better, happier, person they know that they want to be.

Finding a reader that resonates with you can be a challenge & I have spent many years developing my site & assembling readers that I am confident provide a caring empowering psychic reading. Only the questioner can measure if the reader has provided useful information that they can take & use to drive themselves forward or lift them selves out of any limiting beliefs.

Many of my readers will zone in on your situation, focussing on areas that you have issues with. They are truly caring & have many years experience in providing readings around whatever the situation the seeker is concerned about, love & relationships, career, personal development. Some people want a reading that provides a general overview & some require a reading simply for entertainment.

Many readers use a variety of different techniques & divination systems to perform their readings, from the more recognised such as Scrying or Crystal ball gazing, Tarot, Runes, intuition, to the more unusual such as ink patterns in water. Whatever technique your reader uses, the reading should focus on you & your situation, rather than just be an explanation of the symbols or the system being used.

The psychic reader should also not just tell you ‘what you want to hear’, some of my readers ‘tell it like it is’, & many people prefer an honest genuine interaction, rather than someone just massaging their ego !.
Good psychic readers will attempt to guide you towards an understanding of how you can make the best of any situation. Truly gifted readers understand they are only a channel & have been introduced to you by the universe, so that they can encourage you to improve your life, usually by indicating areas of your life that you may have not realised are impacting your current situation. Really good psychics should inform you of how events have led you to your current life situation & then offer options on how you can resolve any issues that you have. No good psychic will ever tell you directly what they think you should do.

It is important that when you have found a good psychic reader that you resonate with, that the reader consistently presents the ideas & impressions in terminology that you understand and relate to. Obviously when you are having a psychic reading you should be allowed to ask questions without providing information that will allow a less talented reader to simply feed that information back to you in a different form. As I have said before, a talented psychic knows that they are providing a service sometimes akin to a session of therapy. I am confident all of my chosen readers are caring and professional & have one goal in mind, to leave you feeling comfortable & empowered to make the decisions you need to strive for your goals & move you forward to the next level.

Ethical Psychic readings.

As I said in the intro, there is confusion between ‘magic’ & psychic readings. Recent legislation states that if you are performing a ‘psychic show’, or even offering readings you must state that all readings ‘are for entertainment purposes only’. I did have an issue with this initially, but now less so, I really don’t mind if someone has an issue with Tarot, that is of course their right, I have problems with many aspects of church life that, I believe, impacted my childhood. I have always stated that some of my automated options on my website are to inspire & entertain people, to hopefully spark a thought process. However I also feel that Tarot is as valid a belief system as any other. I have no real problems with any organised religion or personal preference, as long, of course, that this belief doesn’t harm others. I know that there are psychic services that simply tell people what they want to hear & have always steered clear of these, I have always stated that I tell the questioner what the Tarot tells me. I am still learning aspects of the Tarot on a daily basis, I know it is my life’s purpose & a journey that will never end. When someone has a reading, I am as excited as they are to see which of these amazing archetypes are revealed, & I know that this enthusiasm is reflected back to the questioner.

Intuitive Psychic readings.

During the course of giving a reading if something sparks my intuition, I have learnt to trust this information & weave it in to my reading. As long as you stress to the questioner that you are giving a psychic reading based on your impressions this is fine. Anything that comes up with a medical slant, or you feel needs the attention of a legal expert should be considered beyond your capability & referred to the relevant professional. If these guidelines are followed, I believe a psychic reading is as valid as ever, even after centuries of hounding from various quarters.

I am proud to watch my site being visited from all around the globe, I am genuinely touched when someone takes the time to make a positive comment about the resources on offer. I am especially happy when I get positive feedback about one of the readers on my site as I know how important it is for them to know they are appreciated.

I hope you continue to enjoy your visits & as always wish you a magical future !.

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