Psychic abilities take many different forms …

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Psychic abilities come in many forms …

Many return callers are becoming interested in the different skills offered by my readers, and realising that various skill sets are available. By selecting a reader that is able to focus their specific psychic abilities on your individual circumstances, this can impact on the depth and success of the information revealed in your consultation.

My personal area of focus is using the Tarot as I have studied the interactions of the 78 cards for over 30 years and I personally find the readings I perform for clients using my personally designed & researched deck provide the most reliable answers. Having said that I do often use additional techniques alongside the Tarot in my readings. Below are some of the specific psychic skills that members of my team exhibit.

If you are interested in a specific form of psychic reading, one of the best ways to guarantee that you are connected to a reader who will fulfill your expectations is to contact my psychic reading service  & speak to my team of dedicated receptionists. As my receptionists deal with callers on a day to day basis they are very experienced in the variety of readings available, therefore they are able to match you to a suitable reader who will then give you the reading you desire. Remember it is Your reading and your time !. If for any reason you do not connect with your reader (which to be honest doesn’t happen very often! ), you can always go back to my receptionists who will be more than happy to connect you to a different reader who does satisfy your requirements.

Some of the abilities offered by my team are :

This is the ability to ‘see’ information that is literally unavailable through normal channels, it is derived from the French words ‘clair’ (meaning ‘clear’) and ‘voyance’ ( meaning ‘vision’ ). This is a skill that I have always had, though it is one of the most difficult to develop. In my case if I have opened up & am giving a reading I will receive flashes, either in the form of still images or occasionally short ‘ video clips ‘ in my mind. I have learnt to trust these, though when I was very young they used to scare me. One of the first times it happened to me I was reading at a party and suddenly received an image of a fire engine crashing in to a greenhouse !. I felt a little silly relaying this information to the sitter at first, however both the fire engine and the greenhouse had definite but unrelated significance. Should Clairvoyant ability present itself, you should learn to trust these messages as your subconscious is presenting them for a reason.

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Tarot reading
Being able to decode the mysteries of the 78 cards in the Tarot deck and relate the messages presented in relation to whichever layout or spread. Here it is imperative that the reader is skilled enough to present the true meaning of each card, especially those of a more challenging nature. Often Tarot readers use other forms of psychic ability, such as clairvoyance, alongside the interpretation of the cards. Sometimes this occurs even though the reader doesn’t themselves realise that is actually what they are doing !.

Some of the very best Tarot readers, personally tested by myself, are available here : Tarot Readings

Crystal Ball reading
Often tainted by the image of the ‘Fairground Gypsy’ , Crystal Ball gazing or ‘ Scrying ‘, is the ability to focus images from the subconscious on a reflective, translucent substance such as a crystal, a mirror or the smooth surface of water. The practice is actually similar to when your attention wanders while watching the patterns formed by smoke. An expert gazer can use these techniques to divine past present or future events.

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Clairsentience is the ability to feel physical phenomena. A great example of this is one of my readers amazed someone recently by opening their reading by saying ‘ As I connect to you I sense a feeling of pins and needles in your right arm & a definite feeling of catching your breath …’ Both of these were %100 accurate and were a fantastic example of Clairsentient ability. Clairoma is a variant ability that enables the reader to pick up on sensory cues using the sense of smell, for example the smell of lillies or tobacco may appear and have significance for the questioner.
Isobel is a reader with highly developed Clairsentient abilities…

Mediums are people who have the ability to connect to spirit and use their skills to try and prove the continuation of the personality after someone has passed. The reader may pass in to a trance like state in order to pass the information and quite often has spirit guides or guardian angels that connect with them to provide details that they can then relate to the sitter. It is important that you feel entirely confident with a medium and I am pleased to say that I have received very positive reviews of the mediums who work for my service. Betty 4346 has received rave reviews recently and undoubtedly has a highly developed gift.

My psychics use their highly developed intuition to give the very best readings available anywhere today. Having spent many years honing their abilities, my team use various skills, including ESP to provide accurate psychic readings. ESP or ‘ Extra Sensory Perception ‘, is the ability to access information not available through the five senses. Do you have ESP ? Why not take my online ESP test ?
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Which type of reader is right for you ?
Whichever reader you choose, you can be sure that their primary concern is to reveal the best possible path for you to follow in order to develop the best possible version of yourself release your full potential and finally live the life you know you were destined to live.

Remember, my team are always available to provide your answers. Connect now to the Best UK Psychics

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