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A large proportion of people asking for readings want to discuss relationships. Be that their current relationship or attracting a partner, love is a biggie, we are all looking for that special connection. In my experience, if cupid decides to fire his arrow in your direction, you will know about it. I genuinely believe in soulmates & the concept of love at first sight. I spent many years in relationships that were challenging or draining of my energy. The moment I met my partner I knew intuitively that this was the one. In this day & age our intuition tends to be dulled by the sheer amount of information we are bombarded with on a daily basis & the speed of our modern life. I think if we all started to reconnect to our intuition the world would be a far better place.

Developing your intuition

Whether you realise it or not, everyone is psychic, whatever your definition of ‘Psychic’ may be. I believe it is someone who is perceptive just outside the boundaries of the normal range of senses. Someone who has learned to trust their hunches to any degree of reliability. What you think you are sensitive to is not necessarily a reflection of your true abilities.  Everyone is born with intuition, but not everyone listens to it.  They often dismiss it out of hand, but if only they were to listen to it more often, they would realise the feedback it’s giving should not be ignored.

Some people recognise the messages they’re receiving during times of meditation.  For others it will be recognised as a body sensation or “gut feeling”.  Any of the five senses can be used by your sub-conscious mind to communicate with your consciousness.

Psychic Vision

Detailed images or remote viewing can come into play, or isolated images and symbols can be involved. Many people who enjoy psychic readings by phone receive images as their reading unfolds


This can be a pretty scary sensation the first time you experience it, as hearing voices could be interpreted as a sign of madness.  However, if you hear voices or sounds in only one ear, this is known as clairaudience and is a sign your unconscious mind is trying to communicate with you.


If you feel physical body sensations, this is known as clairsentience.


Both simple and complex psychic information can be transmitted via a person’s sense of smell.


Experiencing a different taste in the mouth is far less common amongst psychics, but can be a sign of communication by the unconscious mind.

Train your senses

If you would like to explore the art of using your intuition and recognising the messages your unconscious mind is trying to give you, you can practice this with the methods that follow:

a.    Traffic / directions

Listen to your intuition and see if it tells you which way of getting home from work is going to be quicker.  Some roads are prone to frequent delays, so try not to let logic take over.  If each route has an equal chance of delay, try to guess which one will get you home quicker.

b.    Shopping
See if you can guess where you’re going to get the best bargain.  You should do this without checking the adverts first and then check afterwards if you were correct.

c.    Parking

Whenever you’re looking for a parking space when you’re out, see if your intuition can guide you.  This will definitely be useful during busy times such as holiday times.

d.    Telephone

Have you ever known who’s making the call before you even pick up?  Try to guess this each time the phone rings.

e.    Sports

Even if you don’t follow any particular sports, try to guess what the scores are for different games and who won.  Check the results afterwards.

However you’re putting your intuition to the test, you can only be sure if you use situations where you could not possibly know the outcome from past experience.  You need to be sensitive to what you were feeling, and what you were right or wrong about.  If you realize you should have taken notice of your intuition, but didn’t ; make sure that next time a similar situation arises you don’t ignore your intuition.

Leaning from the feedback your body gives you is one of the best ways to develop your psychic ability.  You need to know when you are getting it wrong, and when you are hitting the nail right on the head.

If you have any issues you need to work on, you could unconsciously be blocking any psychic messages from the Universe.  You need to tackle these issues first and foremost, because if you don’t, any messages coming through are likely to be distorted.  The unconscious mind is a powerful thing, but if you’re not willing to eject your psychological baggage, you can’t expect to have clear and obvious messages coming through.

Once you start trusting your intuition, you’ll find you have many more messages coming through.  One thing you have to remember is that any information you receive must be used in an ethical manner.

There have been reports of psychics losing their powers because they’ve taken their gift for granted and used it in an unethical manner.  Whether you believe this to be true or not, you should always be considerate of others, and never promise what you cannot deliver.  If you believe you have sensitive information relating to another, be sure to ask for their permission to reveal it before you go ahead and tell them what you know.  If you do not, you risk upsetting them and facing some uncomfortable confrontations.

Being psychic can be extremely tiring, and you should always remember that you will need to recharge your energy levels.  Taking a day off occasionally is best for everyone, including you.

Important Things To Think About for Psychic Development

When you first start getting psychic messages, you probably find yourself wondering if you’re going insane.  You might start a conversation with a confidante along the lines of “you’re probably going to think I’m crazy…” or “you’re never going to believe this but…”.  Doubting your own sanity is actually a good sign and means you’re simply trying to figure out what is happening to you.

What the voices are saying is far more important than the mere fact that you’re hearing voices in your head.  The rule of thumb is that if the voices are helpful and constructive, it doesn’t natter where they’re coming from.  However, if you’re hearing negative thoughts and destructive comments, you need to get rid of them as soon as you possibly can.

Psychic Messages
It can be difficult for a psychic to determine how much information to pass on.  This is something which will come with time and experience.  Some psychics pass on each and every message they receive, regardless of it’s consequences.  However, good judgment should make you consider exactly what to pass on which will be helpful, and what to leave unsaid if you think it might be hurtful or harmful.

The past and the future may be easily accessible to you as a psychic, but it’s important to live in the present day.  The future can take care of itself, and the past belongs exactly there – in the past.  Focusing on the present day is paramount.

The first time you start seeing visions or receiving information can be difficult, and make it hard for you to relax.  You may see colours, images and faces at night when you’re trying to get to sleep due to the shift in your consciousness at this time.  This is perfectly normal and you should make a real effort to switch off from it all.

Information overload is very common amongst psychics who haven’t yet learned to switch off.  An accurate psychic reading relies on the reader being in the zone & relaxed to allow the information to flow through. The more you trust your intuition, the more messages you will receive, and this makes it harder to relax.

Try to see a control screen in your mind, with your sensitivity to psychic information reflected as a number on the screen.  You should visualise the number getting lower and lower until it reaches zero.  When you awake refreshed in the morning, you can just reverse the process and increase the sensitivity until the number returns to where it was before.

by Paul O’Mara

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