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When I am giving readings should my ‘Wheel of Fortune‘ card appear ( complete with me dressed as a sphynx!) I know that Lady Luck is not far behind …

Can we be Born Lucky ?

There are certain people that we meet as we travel along our life’s path that just seem to have things go their way, or so it seems. Now whether it is that we look at these people with a hint of the green eyed monster lurking behind our eyes I don’t know, but sometimes we all get the impression that life could be so much better if only we had someone elses luck.

So can we actually make our own luck or are some people genuinely born lucky? I suppose that all depends on what you believe in, it may well be that a particular planetary alignment at the time of your conception or birth has an influence over your life in terms of prosperity or health, but can it truly affect how lucky you are?

I personally like to make my own luck. I never go into something without believing 100% that I will succeed. I also employ a personal ‘positivity shield’ that protects me from negativity on a daily basis. If I find myself in a challenging situation or faced with a not particularly pleasant individual, my invisible shield of white light kicks in & I am incapable of absorbing negativity.

The number 2 request on my Wishing Well is ‘please let me win the lottery’. As a bit of fun I occasionally play the lottery & do better than average (I reckon 🙂 as I regularly win small amounts. You can try my lottery number generator here, it will select lucky numbers for you, please remember me if you win it big !

Lottery Numbers Generator

I love talismans & lucky charms, being of Irish extraction I am particularly fond of leprechauns. At some point I am going to introduce a lucky leprechaun feature on my site who may give prizes & free readings so keep an eye out for the little fellow, I hope he does his lucky jig for you ?

I really do believe in the power of positive thought and what it can help you achieve, and perhaps it is that luck is one of those intangible elements in our lives that positivity and strong belief can influence. I love the power of magical talismans & amulets, what is your lucky charm ?

You can Wish for a brighter future with the power of my Free Online Wishing Well, I personally wouldn’t suggest wishing to win the lottery, I know that money can’t buy happiness … Be careful with your wishes, they have the habit of coming true

Interested to find out if Your luck is set to change ? You can always consult one of my Top Uk Psychic readers  who are experienced in answering all questions regarding your future luck or prosperity, they are waiting for your call…

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